To witness the physical representation of cool, walk up to Nicky Slim on a Wednesday afternoon at Surfside’s beachfront bar and grill.

Nicky is chilling at the table next to the outdoor Jacuzzi when I meet him for the first time along with Simon, Mark and his other mates. Sporting a brown pattern beach shirt, his arms are covered in ink representing varied shapes and forms, including an endearing outline of his home island of Malta. With a head full of curly black hair, sunglasses and a grin, it appears yet another sun-filled day behind the decks for Nicky.

I interrupt his pizza and mojito lunch to sit down and talk about his weekly Wednesday beach front event known as A Little Crush that has been pumping out house music from the start of every summer for the last five years with teammates Matthew Travers and Simon Sauter. Nicky has several musical ventures on his name that circulate around house, disco and lounge genres.

The Maltese will certainly recognise Nicky from his Perpendicular project, a party that he has been throwing for the past 9 years and running. Similarly based in the funk and soul side of house, Nicky has the years under his belt to garner a strong following that fill up his parties. Perp regulars know exactly what they want from Nicky and Nicky gives back in the form of sonic pleasure. We look into his upcoming Crush sessions, hosted by him, his close comrades and a foreign DJ or two.

Upcoming event:
Perpendicular by the SEA, 15 July at Beachaven, Saint Paul’s Bay

Sunset at Surfside

As the afternoon sun disappears behind the high-rises, and the afterglow of dusk appears, things really begin to take off. Those who have been drinking throughout the day offer their hearts and souls to the dance floor in front of a cosy mixing booth. The setup is the bare essentials with a couple CDJs, record players and minimal light effects. Why try to make a seaside bar any better than it already is?

Nicky spins on a backdrop of the blue sea and a pink sky in what is a perfectly timed event at the start of summer vibes for our island nation.

Why go? 

Come to A Little Crush for sunset parties, cold drinks, funk, soul and house tracks played on vinyl records and old school tracks mixed with a twist. Also come for Nicky’s shirts, the man has taste.

While Crush parties are not new for some, it’s hard to beat a proven formula. Whether you are on a vacation, have the next day off, or are working the early shift on Thursday morning, don’t kid yourself – Nicky Slim’s Wednesday session is the coolest place to be.

Check out their promo video here.

Nicky Slim in his natural environment.

Upcoming event:
Every Wednesday at Surfside, Sliema

All photo credit goes to Kim Podesta.

By: Luc John Claude