Kenneth Catania has been warming up Malta’s Saturday nights for almost a decade.

Playing his Saturday program from 8-10 PM Kenneth is a Maltese DJ delving into techno and progressive tracks on his program One Clubbing 92.7 FM. For those unfamiliar with Maltese nightlife, the parties don’t really start kicking until 12 or 1 AM, leaving plenty of room for drinks and junk food to the sound of Kenneth’s latest selection.

Kenneth found himself playing on the radio at the age of 14. Working the graveyard shift from 12 to 6 AM, Kenny was invited to play at a club in the 90’s after being discovered over the radio by a local promoter. He recalls strolling down the narrow lanes of Paceville carrying his 12” records.

Today Kenneth hosts both well-known and undiscovered local and foreign talent, offering us sweet sounds of the underground on a weekly basis. We find out more:


Luc John Claude: When were you first involved on the radio?

Kenneth Catania: Back to 1994 I used to go with a friend of mine on his radio show, and I would train off air in another studio. At the age of 15 I ended up with my partner in crime Elton Gatte playing Fridays and Saturdays from 1 to 6 AM.

LJC: How did you get discovered?

KC: I can say that I owe my entry in the clubbing scene to the radio to one specific night. I was just finishing my usual weekly techno set (on vinyl’s, mind you) from 1-2 AM and leading in Elton with his house set from 2-3 when the telephone rang. I answered and this guy told me “Hi, I am David from Orbit Promotions, I was parking the car in the garage, and I’ve been listening to your set in the car for the last hour. Could you please give me a demo cassette?” Apart from running one of the best promotions back then this guy used to also work as a security in one of Malta’s best clubs back then called The Mirage and after 2 weeks at the age of 18 I was playing almost every Saturday over there.

LJC: How has music evolved on the island since you started playing?

KC: I remember there weren’t so many DJ’s and producers back then, but technology made it easier for loads of DJs and artists to follow their passion.  It also gave the opportunity to local artists to export their work and I can say that some of the local producers especially are really getting a lot of recognition from great international labels and artists, and rightly so.

LJC: How long have you been with One Clubbing?

KC: One Clubbing has been going on now for 9 years.

LJC: What are the main genres you play?

KC: I started and still do play techno, such as the the likes of Jeff Mills, Holy Ghost, Joey Beltram, The Advent and so on. Thanks to my mate Fabien and his friend I also follow and play progressive music.

LJC: Memorable shows?

KC: I will surely never forget one particular show, where Duo Blank exclusively launched their album Propulsion Live On Air with a webcam in our studio a week before their release. We had to get a whole other studio to fit their equipment. Other highlight shows we did with Brian James, DJ Ruby, Owen Jay and international artists like Ritzi Lee Middleborough’s leading underground house night Riff Raff owner in the UK Lee Pennington, Robert Bruce from Rhythm Masters together with Keith as South Central, and one of Malta’s greatest promoters and managers Mario Bentley Camilleri.

Part of Duo Blank’s set up for One Clubbing

LJC: What’s your favorite part of being on the radio?

KC: I love radio because it connects you with a lot of people, and gives you the possibility of sharing with others what I really love – music.


LJC: Lastly, favorite pastizzi?

KC: I normally get both ricotta and peas since I cannot decide 🙂


Catch Kenneth on One Clubbing 92.7 FM every Saturday night from 8-10 PM . Live stream it from here

The Underground Sound will be live on One Clubbing June 22, 2017.

All photo credit goes to Kenneth Catania.

By: Luc John Claude