If you don’t recognize the above still image and profile of the DJ above, then you probably haven’t seen one of the most inspirational movies of 2008, “Berlin Calling,” that launched this underground DJ directly to the top headliners of major festivals and massive parties.


Paul Kalkbrenner is a techno producer from Berlin, most popular to his single “Sky and Sand”. He grew up in East Berlin and witnessed its fall when he was only 12. Several years later his producer and DJ career started and he began playing in Berlin and Leipzig clubs. As his DJ skill and experience accumulated, he considered what it would be like to play his own music and we believe that decision has brought him where he is nowadays – he isn’t DJ in classic sense of the word but is a musician and live act.


After several years of DJing across Germany he buys his first production kit in 1996. He has worked in several radio and TV stations in order to support his production ambitions. His first singles were released in 1999 on a label called BPitch Control kicking off his worldwide fame and international career. In 2004 his third albulm “Self” was released and his biggest hit before “Berlin Calling”, “Gebrunn, Gebrunn” was released in 2005.

This iconic artist is internationally popular. After releasing seven albums, he is on his European tour duly named “7” which includes a very special club in Belgrade, Serbia on 24th November. This city of 3 million is already well known for its outstanding parties, clubs and hospitality and after EXIT Festival this year at Novi Sad, Paul Kalkbrenner is coming to this lovely country once again. Belgrade is well known for hosting all of the major names from underground scene to world’s most popular bands and singers and with this event at Hangar Luka Beograd this crowd will be able to say that they had a chance to listen to one of the most important artists active on the electronic music scene today. Tickets are sold out and everything is indicating a massive party.


Words by: Petar S. Suharev


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