When a classic party venue meets one of the fastest rising techno stars around, it was always going to be something special. However, few could have predicted the electric atmosphere that emerged from Timmo’s appearance at Club Tigullio, Malta on Saturday night.

The Drumcode talent arrived in Malta from his home in Sofia, Bulgaria, for the first time ever just that afternoon. As such, he had just a few hours to settle into environment and prepare himself for the evening.

Timmo has been round the world and back again with Drumcode over the past few years, so it was just another day in the office for him. However, Timmo’s appearance in Malta had been long awaited by the Techno population of Malta for several months now, and as his set time drew nearer and nearer, the anticipation was rife in the venue.

As the guests entered, they were treated to Dj Lenny and Dj Tonny back to back, two Clique residents, who both put on fantastic sets, setting the mood for what was to come. These two sets amped up the anticipation even higher for the main man’s appearance.

People trickled in bit by bit, but although the awaiting crowd was small, what it didn’t have in size, it made up for in passion. They were there for one reason; to witness a techno event that was going to be next level for Malta!

When Timmo arrived at the club, at close to 2am, he was able to see for himself the high level of expectation from him, when he was presented on stage to a roar from the crowd. However, it was not time for his set just yet, and the crowd had to wait a further half an hour before the main man would appear on stage.

During this half hour of respite from travel before his performance, Underground Sound managed to get a quick interview with him. He managed to talk us through what brought him to Malta and how it compares to bigger events he has done elsewhere.

“I  heard about the event organisers from Vinicious Honorio, who played in the previous event here in Malta. He told me a lot of good stuff about the crew and it its members and about the party and that’s how I decided to come here. Passion to me is very important to me. Without passion, it is just business and I don’t like to think of music as just business. If there is no passion, then why do it?”

“That is one of the charms of smaller venues like this. There is emotion when you play in big crowds, but, there is also emotion when you play in smaller rooms too. When it’s more intimate and you can feel the energy of each person in that room, it is amazing. I just love to feel the emotion of the crowd and the people in the crowd. For me, it really doesn’t matter, if I’m playing to 50 or 5000, its different energy and its unique. I don’t like to compare the gigs I do, because each gig is unique and I get something different from each gig.  I can’t wait to see what I get from this one!”

He found out the answer to this shortly after. A vast amount of energy had been built up from hours of waiting and so when Timmo arrived on stage, he was welcomed on stage in glorious fashion from the Tigullio crowd!

The crowd was pumped up and ready to see what they had come for and weren’t disappointed. Timmo performed like a true professional, wowing the crowd as much as everyone had hoped he would.

He delivered a full 3-hour set, one hour longer than originally billed, lost in his zone. Playing to a crowd that were more than happy to continue listening to an immersive set. He amped the crowd up more and more with every drop, his set was unpredictable and exciting, keeping everyone in the crowd on their toes, who paid him back with a unstoppable energy. When his set ended in the very early hours of Sunday morning, he left the crowd on a complete high and really showed his calibre in what was a faultless set.

DJ Mog, the main man at Lokomotif, finished the crowd off. Playing an another superb set, closing the night in a very fitting way. He took the crowd up to 6:30, fully fed on a diet of some of the most intensive techno tunes witnessed on the island for some time. The event was an unparalleled and has us more than excited for the next Lokomotif event.

Fortunately, it may not be long to wait, with Mog and the rest of the guys at Lokomotif,  already gearing up for the next one, which is set for some time around February. While Timmo prepares himself for next year, which promises to bigger than ever, with new releases and loads more gigs in 2018.

This is sure to be a tough act  follow, but we have complete faith in these superb event organisers and we can not wait for the next one!


Words by: Will Macmaster