For the first blurb of the year, we’d like to introduce you to the talented tech-house duo straight from the local scene: Mel N Matt. They have been trying hard to keep up with requests to play at local venues and increasingly hungry crowds.

Having worked separately until 2016, they both played local gigs with friends and during festive events throughout the island. Here they explain to us the concept behind their upcoming Saturday 19 January event, Route 01.

“We have created a concept that takes you into a deep musical experience that is somewhat mystical. In life, even though you may know your destination, the route is not always clear. This event will be re-occurring with this specific elements of interchanging moods, ambience and paths.”

“Our crowd is definitely the best you can ask for as an artist because they give us feedback, hints and advice, which keeps us inspired and going. We make improvements as we go along and build on our craft to suit our followers.”

“Our aim is to deliver the right sound, the right emotion, that special something to make your experience a memorable one. The greatest satisfaction is when we see our crowd having fun and dancing to their heart’s content – after all that’s what we are all about.”

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