Lahbone hails from Wharton Texas and has been low key grinding on Youtube and Soundcloud. His repertoire is not massive, but what can be found is very impressive.

He explains that he was raised in the “SWAT” and has had his fair share of problems all of which come out in his music, including the deaths of some of those most close to him. He is open about the tough life he has had and puts it all down for the world to see on his tracks which reflect his life, good or bad.

As he puts it, “All my music is facts, I either seen it or done it”. For this guy, his music is all about reflection of self. He emphasises the need to make sure you rap about what you know and where you come from and sees it as fundamental to creating great tracks. But if that is the case, the world he is from makes the fact that he is attempting a come up through music even more impressive, as it doesn’t sound easy to make something of yourself there.

Indeed, this was confirmed by the man himself, as when asked where he would be without music, his answer was plain and simple, he would be “hustlin’”.

Lahbone’s Track, The Bottom, directed by Jones Management. 

However, he was saved from this fate by his uncle, who put him on to rap music while he was still in high school and since then, he hasn’t looked back. He cites his main influences are Philli Rapper, Meek Mill and Young Dro from Atlanta, but his style is something completely his own. Something he also feels strongly about, as he tries to avoid having the flow of any other rapper and refuses to be put in a box. He takes pride in the fact his style is different to other guys in the scene, who he says nowadays, is full of too many rappers all rapping the same. A thought shared by many people knowledgeable on the scene too.

Lahbone unique style is what he hopes will make him stand out from the crowd and once people get listening to this guy, they will have to agree he is something special too. He is an awesome talent, but his problem has been getting his name out there. He admits he hasn’t done too much so far promotion wise, but this he says is going to change this year, as he works on his promotion skills and attempts to reach his goal of becoming international and getting that all-important record deal.

There is no better time, as his upcoming debut album, No Handouts, is being worked on right now and is set for release in 2018.  If he can nail the promotion on this album and get this music and his story heard by more people, then there is no reason why he wouldn’t blow up and become an overnight success.


However, it has to be one step at a time for this guy and it’s a big leap from his low key channel. So for now, we have to just wait and see if this album lives up to expectation and launches him in to the public eye as he desires. But, if his current music is anything to go by and the new album follows tack, it could be a big year for Lahbone.

You can already check out some of Lahbone’s work on Soundcloud and check out some of his music videos on the Youtube channel, T.V.

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Words by: Will Macmaster