The time is now for the music industry in Malta.


As it develops in we are witnessing entrepreneurs come forward with ideas that will shape what we will be listening to in the future. One of those entrepreneurs is Michel “Mixu” Galea, who will be launching a hip-hop podcast dubbed Mixu presents The Hip Hop Loft at the end of February that will run every other Friday night between 7-9PM on Facebook live.


The show will feature a couple DJs every episode along with a special guest for a small interview.


For those who haven’t met Mixu (in Malta there is a high chance you have run into him) you must know he is an active character in Malta’s nightlife scene and a natural born entertainer. We were able to squeeze a couple questions out of Mixu to find out more about his upcoming project:


Luc John Claude: What is the main concept of your podcast? 

Michel Galea: The whole idea behind the podcast came a couple of months back when I was offered to host a hip-hop radio show that never materialized. I sat down one day and figured that with today’s advancements in live streaming and video, I decided it would be far easier to do my own thing.


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LJC: Will you be covering only Maltese hip-hop or will you be covering international artists as well?

MG: I will be giving priority to Maltese hip-hop artists. My vision is to create a platform to showcase new local talent. Be it a lyricist, group, DJ or turntablist, Malta has a lot to offer and I feel that a lot of this talent is not recognized, just because there are a limited amount of opportunities for these upcoming artists to showcase themselves. But music is for the world – not just for the select few – so I am also planning to have international guests coming on the show when the opportunity arises.



LJC: What genres of hip-hop will you be covering?

MG: The show will revolve around the artists. It’s complete freedom and we will be covering every genre from g-funk, grime, old school, new school… all of it. No bars held!



LJC: How big is hip-hop in Malta?

MG: Well, lately we just saw a rise in the scene. Back in the day (I’m talking 15 years ago) the scene was quite big. I got introduced to hip-hop in Malta in my early teens, when FUBU shirts and baggy pants were still in. But it was put to rest for a couple of years with the rise of house music and larger dance events. I guess with the growth of the foreign workforce on the island it kind of blew life back into the dying hip-hop scene, which is awesome – I was getting tired of having to travel to go to a hip-hop event!


LJC: What is your background in hip-hop/music?

MG: I’ve been a music lover since I was a born. I was introduced to hip-hop when my sister got me 2pac’s Greatest Hits for my 10th birthday, and that was it. I was hooked to the story telling, the bounce of a good hip-hop beat and the life style. Within a couple of weeks I had already bought the essentials, Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers, Notorious BIG’s Ready to Die and KRS-One’s Return of the Boom Bap. I got me a FUBU shirt and baggy pants, and immersed myself into the genre that shaped my life. Mind you, I listen to everything, from jazz, opera, blues and techno. All music has its own time and place. But when push comes to shove, when I need to focus, think, unwind or just because I’m sad, nothing gets my head back in the game of life then a solid beat.


Find his soon-to-be podcast on Facebook.