Berlin Big Beats

From throwing parties in an underground warehouse illuminated solely by light stick parties in Berlin, or in the Catacombs of Paris with the only entry being via a sewer, you name it, these guys have raved it.


Man, do these guys have some stories. This Saturday, the guys from Team Orange will be throwing their fifth Berlin Big Beats event, so you can experience it for yourself.

These two party veterans, Nico and Julien, have well over 20 years each in the techno and deep house scenes in various countries, and they have proved over the last two years to be more than capable of throwing crazy parties on the island of Malta too. 

I chilled out with the pair, listening to some tunes and while Nico tinkered over his new toy, a Boss Digital Delay DD7, they explained their story and how Team Orange got started.

When they came to Malta the pair found a very closed off scene with very little room for fresh talent. So they took things into their own hands and Team Orange and the Berlin Big Beats events were born.


“We just wanted to play our sound and that is why we are doing what we are with Team Orange Malta. We tried to get involved with other scenes, but it was always ‘Sorry, we really appreciate it but we have our own DJs who would like to play’.  So Team Orange Malta is here to provide people a space. We don’t see ourselves in the foreground, we see ourselves in the background, we organize it, but we always try to get someone in who has probably never had the chance to present themselves.”


The name comes from Nico’s own hometown, Bremen, where they had the original Team Orange parties in the 90’s when he was growing up. With the atmosphere and passion of these events in mind, it inspired him to create the same thing here and he set about creating a new branch in Malta. The parties in Bremen have long but finished, but they carry on in Malta, thanks to Nico and Julian.


“To be connected here is very important, and I miss this a bit in the party scene. I want to get DJ’s on stage, see them happy and for them to come back to me and say “Yeah that was a really a kick, that’s exactly what I wanted!” I think that makes it more fun and it would make the scene flexible and more people would want to DJ somewhere”


The whole thing started purely from a Facebook stream, which, thanks to a great reception, made them decide to throw their first event just two weeks later, which saw 500 attendees.  Two years on, they are still going strong. With the same motive of purely providing good music to the people.


“We want to show people how it should work, not how it works. Most of the time you see the same parties with the same DJs, and so we want to make a mark in the scene here in Malta. It’s a fun project because there is no pressure and we organize something when we want and if we don’t, we don’t, because it is not based on money it is based on fun, which is the most important thing.”


So far it has proven to be quite the success, but how can they be so sure?  Well, the guests of their events.


“With Berlin Big Beats, I think we hit a nerve, people have come to us and said that is the sound I’ve missed for many years, and so that is really nice feedback. When we see the reaction of the people at our parties, we get really overwhelmed and so we think that we are  really on the right course here.”


You can check out their event on the this Saturday at The Funky Monkey, but in the meantime, check out one of Nico’s Live Stream sets here.


Words by William Macmaster

Image courtesy of: Team Orange & Berlin Big Beats