Nigel C performing live

Techno and House are undeniably the reigning kings of underground music in Malta. This small rock has shown time and time again that those who are producing and DJing here know exactly what they’re doing. I recently met up with one such DJ, Nigel C, at his place in Attard, known as the Soul Crib. We chatted about what he’s been up to and I must say, this guy has a lot going on.

Bringing a Fresh Sound to the Techno Scene in Malta

Nigel C has been DJing for 9 years in total. The fact that he’s in his early 20s says a lot about how much experience this guy has. He doesn’t draw the line at DJing though, he’s also been big into music production for the last 6 years. Meeting him in person, it became evident from the get-go that he’s very passionate about what he does. Having already played in pretty much every club around Malta and Gozo – with a couple of residencies on top of this – he’s certainly built quite a name for himself around the islands. Gingerly sipping on a cup of hot tea, I asked Nigel if he could describe his musical style to me:

My style is very vast, but you can explain it in terms of progressive and deep to tech house and techno and anything in between.

An Exciting New Track from Nigel C

This is a spot on description too, his music is indeed very diverse. It explains why he has gained so much popularity in the last number of years. Chatting more about his music and his personal style, we got on to the topic of his recently released tune, Traffic, which he was very excited about. The track has been received very well, both in Malta and internationally.

There’s a lot of hype around it at the moment. It was released on Beatport, Spotify, iTunes and YouTube and was supported by over 110 musical professionals and DJs. I was really happy with the quality of the remixes too. They really made a point in Europe. One of the remixes was even played on a live radio show in Ibiza.

Making a Name for Himself Internationally

His new release has been so well received that he was approached by Time Differences, an online radio show in Berlin dedicated to all things techno and house. Hosted by Dirk, the radio show is constantly on the lookout for talented artists to host 1-hour guest mixes. Nigel C, of course, jumped at the opportunity. Collaborating with the London based DJ and producer Talal, the two both produced 2 separate hour-long mixes for the radio show.

Talal has been making music since 2015. Since then has been in the top 10 charts on Beatport as well as having airtime on Kiss FM, Ibiza Sonica and many other radio stations. He has also become a resident DJ for The Deep Room radio programme. Together, they created 2 absolute bangers. Listen to Nigel C’s mix for yourself, you’re definitely going to love it.

Moving Onwards and Upwards

Summer 2018 is only getting started for Nigel C. I asked him what he had planned for the coming months and it seems like he’s going to be very busy.

I’m working a lot on new projects and new remixes. I’ll be having a lot of summer gigs too, especially residencies. I’m also working on a really good project that will be free to download for everyone. As well as this, there’s something really big coming up next October, I’ll be part of the ADE Amsterdam Dance Event.

Between all this, it’s going to be a very good year for Nigel C. Closing our chat on that note it was clear that he was very excited for what was ahead of him. If you enjoyed the mix from Different Times, make sure you follow Nigel C on Facebook so you can keep up to date on where you can see him playing live over the summer.


Words by: Shane McLáimh

Photos courtesy of: Nigel C