Waa Gwann !!

To all our Rastafarian brothers & sisters animating the island of Malta, Have surely heard of the name Juuls, for they have been amongst the best and first reggae organizers in Malta in the past 10 years and are known for there awesome parties, even on an international level. But for those that haven’t heard of the changes that’s been happening, Juuls has closed down and opened up in Jamaica !! This was a bit of a heartbreak to the local crowd that loved this organization, but some people didn’t give up on it and leave it out to die, so a new team of management took form, under the name of Jah Ruulz.

So For more information, have a look at our archived articles of the place : Introducing Jah Ruulz, the new Juuls.

Family Gathering

The Grand summer opening is really a get together for a lot of people, because summer nights and vibes have already started and we want to bring everyone together to meet the family and celebrate peace & love in unity with music that soothes the soul and gives meaning to some of us, for that is what we truly stand for.

You are the reason why Juuls was a place with such a great energy and You are the reason why Jah Ruulz is here today.

A Hot & Vibrant Summer With Us !!

This summer, Malta is booming with new people, new faces, developments and advancements that make our head hot and sometimes stressed, with all the business meetings, traffic jams and hot working hours that we do, but there is also those that work hard so that we can find a place to rest our head and let in the good vibes.

The one & only Nicki Juuls , the great Don Chachi & the winner of the first Underground Sound G- Funk & Cypher Competition – Fattima Mahdi, an artistic jewel from the UK that is residing and creating her art in Malta, mostly renowned for her music  and her published book : Love Dont’ Come Easy. Also introducing That Fire Girl, a fearless and aesthetic fire performer that will be giving us a nice show by the sea.

Hope To see you there.  Jah Bless !!

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