A spectacle for enthusiasts

This is not the typical event you find where they play music with little artistic value for as long as people come to the event and get fucked.

We’re not saying that it’s all like this on the  island, in opposition we from Underground Sound are here to highlight, document and share the real stories behind the good events and organizations that we know off that are surely worth going to or knowing about, due to their expertise, hard work and devotion to the art and entertainment industry.

We met with the guy behind the organization who is one of the main artists who will be performing in this event and asked him for more details about this event called “MUSIC THEATRE”, he says that where he is from, and even Malta, its getting harder to find real artistic talent and authenticity because some places and artists have become commercialized, and the reason for that is because the industry is mostly concerned about consumerism and social status.

It’s not all black and white but his point is valid, art may be a lot of things but it’s not always done for creative and expressive reasons which is why we invite you to this musical theater because what these group of artists will showcase is their heart in art form.

here’s a small intro for some of the artists that you will be seeing on :


Seekeer is a multi talented artist from Sicily, who does what he does for the love of music and his community. He started writing Italian rap music at a young age and took his time refining his skills while participating and giving his support at a few different events back where he is from.

First we heard of him was when Pon Di Corner made their first debut album in Malta back in summer 2017, nd all we have to say is that this guy has flow and the lyrics and subjects he is able to express, in Italian for those that cannot understand his language, are very poetic and influential, and it shows his variant artistic skills and what kind of mission he is on.

Now he is making his first appearance as the – Seekeer, a live mixing DJ who bypasses all genres and will bring underground music to the DJing table.  From Ambient to hip hop, break beat, and funky dub electronic sounds and meld them into one transient emotionally pumping performance. 

The Fire Girl

If you can recall or imagine the feeling of looking into fire for the first time, we can say that its a visually amusing experience but it may also instill fear in us, but for this fire passionist, fire is her grace.

Graduated as a theatre performer after a period of 18 years studying many arts and disciplines by having the honour of dancing for her majesty the queen back in 2016 , following this , she went rogue and amalgamated all she was thought and adapted it to fire. The graceful movements of this fire aerobic performer are not only highly energetic and harmonic but they make her a moving piece of art.  



These group of music enthusiasts form a percussion band with various different drumming instruments, creating rhythms that are synchronic and make you wanna move your body.

This organization does outdoor sessions, teaching anyone that is interested in learning how to play basic rhythm but also teaching us how to communicate and build ourselves with music.


An Aritistic Opening

This is a grand opening for the public to see all very talented artists working together to create an environment that is truly enchanting, what you will see is something very new and underground the artist and community when in unity they find reason to be, for together we gather to celebrate the beauty of our lives with the art that is expressed from our soul .


Event Page : Click Here