Drum n Bass With Extra Sauce

We have been seeing and meeting a lot of new (some not so new) organizations that do event organization and promotion on the island, those that have been doing it right are building a good reputation between locals and revisiting expats, To mention some are blank,bass culture, Juuls, Tale, musicplayground, Vitamin & more…

Malta’s scene is growing fast and it’s getting juicer, with all the amazing new venues that are opening up and adding the spicy freshness of the sun, sea and nightlife Malta offers, more of these organizations are going bigg.

The Collaboration is one of them, which brings together the best in underground music in the styles of experimental, jungle and drum and bass.

These are the Dj’s, Producers & Organizers that are coming from an international scene and organize a lot of underground parties on the island that are rad and full of creative skills.

Urban Warfare Crew & Mahakali Sounds At the Warehouse Club , Zurrieq 7th July @ 10:00

More than just a bunch of DJs – Urban Warfare Crew

Urban Warfare Crew comprises a talented collection of DJs, MCs and producers who have been putting on parties since the mid 90s and have a combined experience of over 100 years. We thrive on the synergy of our members, each individual boasting their own talents, skills and musical knowledge, which when combined creates an unstoppable force ready to rock any party.

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Special Guest :

DJ Matt Slammer – Urban Warfare Crew
Inspired by the sounds of acid house and hardcore techno in early 90s’ UK, DJ Matt Slammer began his journey on the wheels of steel at the tender age of 12. He was a regular fixture at the jungle raves in London and Southampton at the start of the millenium, before he moving to Thailand, where he ran the infamous Surf FM radio station, and his breakbeat-inspired sound was in great demand in the clubs of Hua Hin, Bangkok and the party islands. More recently, he can be heard representing Urban Warfare Crew across the south-east of the UK and beyond. His ever-popular Slam The Breaks On radio show continues to smash musical boundaries as he spins everything for 80s electro to nu-skool jungle.

Mahakali Sounds – The Universe Is Big

Mahakali Sounds is the name of the orgnization that started organizing underground events in Malta in the Dnb & Psy scene.  They also rent out sound and equipment, partnering and supporting other organizers with thier event and organization.
Been going for the past 2 years and for all I heard about the parties that they organize is that these parties are well organized and designed, with artistic innovations and nature’s integration, with an international DJ each time.and this summer these guys are gonna keep us entertained with plenty of events organized in local venues and other secret locations.

DJ Universes Bigger

This young English Live DJ & producer is changing the stereotypes of live electronic set shows with his hybrid music, with A mix of Psy, House, DnB & Garage, using live digital insturments to build his sets,  this guy is highly energising and well know for his parties.

Coco Durst – International DJ

Venezuelan, worldwide based DJ with more than 7 years of experience. Coco Durst Started her career being a voice-over in one of the most famous radio stations of Venezuela, where she acquired a wide knowledge in a diversity of music styles as well as music edition and music production. She has a strong belief that music can save lives, she expresses that being a DJ means a lot more than just playing records. Her goal is to achieve connections with the public through the music; expressing different emotions and feelings as if she could speak gently to their ears. Without leaving the elegance and sensuality that a woman has of dominate any of the five senses.

Her musical style contains Caribbean vibes, with European and American influences. Dabbling with new styles between old school and the use of synthesizers, organic sounds and melodic voices in different languages.

Coco Durst exposes an elegant, dainty and emotive music style that represents her essence and her way of communicating with people through music. One that steps out her variegated insight; moving through sparkling captivating electronica, to intense and deep vital techno without leaving aside her Idiosyncratic tropical roots.

The Warehouse Collaboration

Is a club in the south of Malta, within the limits and outskirts of Zurrieq, a rural village with beautiful natural surroundings, a big area of field turned into club, with space that compliments events that need plenty of space that is used in a effective and creative way.