Street art is a type of expression that conveys the message of one’s mind, feelings, and emotions and puts them into the public eye. This art form is seen as inspiration to some and vandalism to others. Street Art was and can still be seen as a movement that opposes society even till this day, however it remains a practice that inspires others to become artists all the same.

Music, rap, poetry, graffiti, murals, dancing & skating all originated in the streets, becoming real forms of art in what is known hip hop culture.

Rocky Valley Garden

The Realest is a street art concept event that will be happening on almost every Friday at Rocky Valley Garden, Tigulio.

These guys are basically gathering talent from different subcultures in Malta and putting them conveniently in one single venue. It is a space where art can be expressed freely and supported. This event brings together local artists and supports growing artists. They will welcome visual artists, music producers, DJ’s, singers, rappers and dancers to collaborate and make magic happen.

Tigulio is creating a platform where art is appreciated and can be financially supported. Art may be supported by government and private entities in the island, but street art often gets the short end of the stick. For a small entrance fee, you can support this practice and promote this new home for artists on the island.


(freestyle artists : Fattima Mahdi& Isaac Vassallo)


Event Page : Click Here 

Rocky Valley Garden : Facebook Page

If you’re a hip-hop culture lover then there’s a new place for you to call home.

Organizations & Artistic Individuals that are supporting and collaborating with Tigulio:

Soul Movement, Hearts Of Arts, Bass Camp, The Tale, Concept Of Movement

Artists :

Seekeer, Depth , Sean Rickett, Volume ABNML, Jack Riley & More …