To be honest, when Julien took the mic to announce they were going to play German music, the crowd on the Tale Hip-Hop and Trap Boat party was collectively a little confused. Someone joked about yodeling and lederhosen. Even I was questioning these guys. Yet, little did we know, we were getting a full dosage of the dirtiest German trap music available to the public.


The Guests

Meet MRJAH. The German hip-hop & trap duo that are showing the world that Berlin does more than techno. They started producing in the early 2000’s and together they saw the hidden potential of their city – no one was doing legit hip-hop parties that fell outside of the realm of old school and top 10 charts. Now they play underground hip-hop & trap all over Berlin – and in Malta! Supported by Shay Who, Supre and IKADI of Tale, they show us what they got.



A Motley Crew

The bass rumbles and the boat rocks. We are anchored on the far end of St. Paul’s Bay and the purple sky signals that soon it will be dark. And soon the third edition of the Tale Boat Party will be in full swing. So far it is an international one – French, German, Mexican, English and American, all bearing smiles on their faces from the moment they stepped on board.


And what a talented crowd they are! Freestyle rappers, dancers and tricksters. With the small space provided in front of the DJ you have true hip-hop performers showing off their moves including Red Bull Malta’s Dance Your Style champion, Cheryl Lofreda. On the other hand, you get someone who finds themselves on their ass when Hera II rocks too hard on a swell (ahem, Ian).



With monster trap beats still dropping, we get the go-ahead to swim – enough dancing and drinking for now – the sea is calling. One after another, people are back flipping, diving, flailing and flopping into the sea. Some miss their jump entirely by slipping off the wet plank. Belly flops are followed by an great big “ooooooh”.


AJ’s next in line – he turns, gives us a big grin and does very athletic flip, landing feet first in the water. Vincent vaults headfirst – nearly professionally – into the sea. Matthew has a go at some form of trick. But his feet slip out from under him and he ends up right on his Scottish belly. I did no better.


Floating in the sea, Matthew and I look up towards the light of the boat. As if through a heavenly aura, two bikini-clad girls appear, jumping off the story high ledge. As if they were two angels descending to earth. They make a splash as Matthew screams, “IS THIS HEAVEN?”


Drop after drop

Back on the yacht, Julien and Marc are behind the decks to the joy of the general public. They roll out 90’s hits in the form of trap songs, repeat, slice and dice massive drops into unrecognizable, but extremely danceable tunes. Trap is a versatile genre, and these guys know how to stretch it.


Later on I catch up with Julien of MRJAH up on the second floor near the life rafts and ask him what he thinks of all this mayhem:


“I think it is awesome to play on a boat the tracks that I play in my living room. Otherwise I really like the diversity of Malta, with all the different kinds of music, especially the electronic kind. The feeling I get is that people just want to have a good time. I suppose that’s the whole point, having a good time listening to music.”


AJ is up there too, so we chill a bit and enjoy the view in front of us: a deck full of hip-hop lovers with the Sliema festa fireworks in the background, changing the color of the sky before our eyes. Sounds like a dream, nah?


Follow Up

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About the DJs:


Shay Who




Words by: Luc John Claude

Images courtesy of OURSELVES