If there is anyone capable of expanding hip-hop as an art form, leave it up to Fatz.


Malta-based UK rapper and multi-diciplinary entrepreneur, her latest track “What You Want” is set to make waves as she touches on themes of her personal development, our narcissistic society and the drive people need to get where they want in life.


“I’m not the sheep, I’m the shepherd.”

Fattima Mahdi is a UK rapper, author, skater and youth activist currently residing in Malta. She started the rap game from a very young age and is no stranger to the mic. Little to no preparation is necessary for her to pull out intricately rhymed thoughts that the average lyricist would take ages to do.


She is an established writer for Truth Theory and released her book earlier this year Love Don’t Come EasyWhen she is not rapping or writing, she skates the streets in a unique style of her own, as featured in her latest music video.


Photo credit: Raymond Petrik

“I’ve seen souls corrupt, that’s why I skate, write, shut my eyes, feel the music”.

The video starts in dark places: scenes from nightclubs, shadowy faces and the flames of lighters. From the stage to the studio, it represents the path Mahdi has chosen, where it started and her fervent continuation. The chorus is an assertion that she just wants to take care of her life – something that we can all relate to.


Instead of boasting of money or gangsterism, she immediately thanks her fans for all the copies of her book sold this year – setting the level of sophistication from the first line of the track. It is a refreshing tone that sets her style aside from all the rest. Mahdi takes jabs at social media and selfie culture, reminding us to ask the question if this worship of the self is really what the end game is all about.


Fattima Mahdi can be called a conscious rapper, in that her lyrics reflect the reality of life rather than the superficial representation of the 1% of society.


Photo credit: Zavarovalnica Triglav, Plava Laguna Nights

“I won’t keep telling you twice, to eliminate fear, you’ve just got to jump off the precipice”. 

Valuable advice from Mahdi here: she inspires people not to sit on their ideas, but to stand up and take action. “I’m giving you my art in its raw form. Develop ideas, network, hatch plans and I swear it will open more doors”. She encourages us to push ourselves, to embrace the hustle and keep doing what you believe is the right path to success. It’s an inspiring message to spread.


She asks the public, “If this is what you want, I’ll give you what you need”. One thing is certain, what society really needs is more Fattima Mahdi.


The music video was filmed in various locations in Malta and using footage from all of her recent shows.


Check out “What You Want” below:


Words by: Luc John Claude