Lodged in an inflatable donut, beer in hand, I gently bump into other people who have understood the essence of life just as I have. 


Something great has happened for hip-hop in Malta. Tale, the island’s most infamous hip-hop and rap promotion are now managing a seaside venue with two pools, a massive bar and a sweet view of Valletta. For science, Underground Sound heads down to throw pong, lounge aimlessly on inflatables and mingle with the baddest ass shakers on the island. I have witnesses.


A couple bottles of white and we’re certainly fresh. Stepping out of the car onto the last bit of the Sliema strand, Ian boldly tells us that he is “only here to show face” and has no intention of staying any longer than that.


It’s 6PM and we’re just in time for a sunset session. Tale has made a true effort to change the original look of the place from generic poolside bar to a fresh place to get down and dirty. Think standard Tale pineapple décor, multi-colored lighting and a large TALE emblem on the ceiling of the indoor club.

First thing I see when I walk in is Fabien behind the decks, shirtless and jumping up and down like a madman. They tell me he has always been like this.


To the sound of the greatest hip-hop, we hover around the pool on inflatables and dick around with these massive water balloons. As soon as the next big tune is on, we fly out of the water and hit the floor, soaking wet.


Did I mention the beer pong? A challenge is thrown in my direction and my innate American competitiveness comes blundering out. A round of beer pong is had, and won. Despite the victory of two American brothers, I concede a one-on-one versus Jai. Next time, bro.


The poolside party went on until 12. An announcement is made that the party is continuing inside. After a bit of confusion, everyone understand to move their asses indoors. Lo and behold it is 1AM and I see Ian “showing face” on the dancefloor.


So what to take away from this? Invest in a ridiculously large inflatable and make your way to the next Tale party. Keep ‘em bouncin’.


Next Tale Pool Party on October 13

Tale Facebook Page


Words by: Luc John Claude