Jean-Claude and Andrej do not come across as wild types.

However with 5 years of experience throwing psychedelic trance parties together, they will be setting an intergalactic course again on 5 October 2018 at Tigullio Club, St. Julians. These two hardened DJs sit down with me at Rocky Valley Garden  to tell me about their upcoming two-day event, A Journey Into Forest Psychedelic Trance.


Originally set to be one day, the duo also known as Twisted Nature and Crnorizec Hrabar tell me their event is split into two days of relentless beats.


Friday 5 October

Expect a dark introduction to the style that is more progressive, tribalistic and generally 10-15 BPM slower than your average psy trance track. Consider it a more minimal approach to a generally very complex and layered genre. They will located at The Shelter, one of the secluded side areas of the Tigullio complex.


Saturday 6 October

From 6AM – for those that are still standing – there will be a live psychedelic jam session at Rocky Valley Garden.


After a couple hours off, the 6th will start similarly to Friday, with a selection of good chillout and ambient music. Here the style of forest psy trance will take center stage and will showcase the Scandinavian styling from the creator of the genre, Daniel from Sanaton Records. Gojja and Makadam are projects on this Swedish label that will be taking us on this psychedelic journey.


We have all heard of psy trance, but we have been advised that forest or dark psy trance gives way to a whole new world.


Some recommended listening:



Gojja Live – Sanaton Records (Sweden)
Makadam Live + Sanaton Dj Set – Sanaton Records (Sweden)
Crnorizec Hrabar Live + Dj Set
Twisted Nature
Psychoz – Live and Dj Set – Avatar Records/Blue Tunes (Germany)


Keep the ball rolling

For those who hit up The Bubble Festival this past weekend, there still may be withdrawal symptoms from the three day psy trance stretch. Consider this event as a detached extension of the Bubble psy trance mini marathon, but in a more intimate psy-oriented, tribal atmosphere.


This event will take place from 5 October at the Tigulio  (Sphere) starting from 6PM until 6AM. On 6 October again from 6PM until the sun comes up.




Words by: Luc John Claude

Artwork provided by: Jean Claude