Having played the likes of Berghain, Fabric and Tresor, Perc is what many consider to be a successful player in the electronic music scene. He plays internationally, runs his own label (Perc Tracks) and produces his own music. It’s symphonic, melancholic and simply, fast & heavy techno.


Perc was the first DJ that Entropy brought three years ago and on 7 December he comes back for a monster set that will allow him to share another musical story again with Malta’s very passionate techno crowd.


Having a single DJ play throughout the night is a refreshing change for the techno scene locally – many DJ’s believe it is hard to fully express oneself in a 1-2 hour set. Where most don’t get more than 120 minutes, Perc’s got all night. The organisers explained that the 5-hour set will start calm and ambient and only prepare the crowd for what comes next.


The running line of Entropy skins.


To help fully immerse yourself into the night, there will be a custom signature light show consisting of projected mapping, LEDs and lasers – yes, lasers.The lightshow is to be synchronized with the sound in a true audiovisual appreciation of Perc’s music.


The guys behind Entropy and Backslashd have had a successful summer giving insane backdrops to artists like Rebekah, Johannes Heil Live and Pär Grindvik at Liquid. They were also present for the first time this year’s Bubble event.



Entropy’s goal is to throw events internationally and is open to collaborating with other players in Malta’s growing music industry. They started with the idea of simply throwing a party (naghmlu party, jew?) and have refined their skills to throwing several quality events annually. Follow the light – it leads to Liquid.




Perc – All Night Long // Entropy / 07.Dec.18