Pudina tal-Milied (Christmas pudding in Maltese) has been a long running electronic music night every Saturday after Christmas. Underground Sound asks the man behind the pudding Danjeli Schembri about Malta’s favourite post Christmas rave.

What is Pudina Tal-Milied, exactly?

A hedonistic celebration between Christmas and New Year. Pudina (Christmas Pudding) started more than a decade ago when my friends and and I used to have ridiculous nights we referred to as “Puddini” which regularly ended in us melting away into the morning sun.


The owner of Liquid Club invited me to throw a night in the week between Xmas and NY, which at the time was the quietest time for the club. So now it’s not quiet anymore.

Pudina’s first poster – back in the days of the Maltese Lira

From the event artwork it looks like you’re taking a jab at the Planning Authority – is that the intention?

I love the planning authority, it’s making Malta beautiful! I hope that they can find a way to build high rises on the Mediterranean sea as I’m tired of seeing the sun go down on the horizon. I also would like to see a law where the landowners are allowed to ask for the full paycheck from their tenant’s employers, so as to make it easier to collect rent.


The rights of speculators, developers, and owners have always been issues close to my heart. Long live the capitalist rulers of our lands. The absurd Maltese rhetoric, politics and situation have also provided much needed inspiration, laughter and also frustration throughout my life.


Can techno be political?

Techno was born in the poor black neighbourhoods, using cheap, sometimes stolen, electronic music instruments, it’s origins are steeped in black protest and the plight of Detroit. The “Underground Resistance” label is one of the most influential techno labels of all time.

So I’d say yes it can.


Photo Credit: David Schembri

Pudina is not your average techno night – why?

Firstly, at Pudina, it’s not that 4 to the floor techno, we play all kinds of electronic music. We have loads of live acts and we also had bands on some times. I also personally create loads of mashups, Christmas or not. The crowd is very mixed, the techno heads (obvs), the indie crowd, the lefties, and the LGBTI community are all part of the pudding.


We put a lot of effort in making it a fun (and crazy) night out, and one to remember. Late Interactive is going to make an interactive light show with an over the top stage design where the crowd itself will be the show. It’s always a belter!


Line up for Saturday:

Danjeli & Anna Belle




Words by: Luc John Claude

Images courtesy of: Danjeli Schembri