Beefs are nothing new in the world of hip-hop no matter the country and Malta is no different. It seems there’s a brewing beef within the Maltese Hip Hop world between the boys of 215 Collective and Zac.

According to Zac it all started from an Instagram post from 215 saying “they inspired everyone on the island’’ which didn’t go down too well with the independent and talented artist in his own right. Zac who says ‘’I’m not being labeled in the bag they have labeled me in, I’ve been doing this a long time they didn’t inspire shit”.



Isaac Vassallo aka Zac


However Lydon of 215 Collective says “it all started when Ben Miller fired off at them in his latest track Division.

Lydon of 215 Collective

Lydon says he put out a post saying 215 got everyone trying to rap.

UGS has kept an eye out on the brewing beef which has included a series of back and forth social media posts and even a meme being made which is the main Image for the comeback diss track from Lydon.

Check Zac’s full diss track here titled Silence

215 Fire Back!


Beefs aside, check out Yannick from 215 Collective’s new release:


Words Ian Hinksman.