The Mexicans are getting a lot of shit as of late due to the Screaming Carrot Demon that is Trump  

so we decided to share some of our obscure music taste and introduce you to a sub-genre of rap you probably didn’t know about, unless you’re Underground Sound that is.

Welcome to the world of Chicano Rap a sub-genre of Hip Hop that celebrates Mexican-American (Chicano) culture.

Grab ya headphones or turn the KRK’s up and take in our top five Chicano Rap tracks we are currently listening to.

1. Big Rome-Cruel Summer.


2.Woodie- Tales Of A Killa.


3.Mr. Capone-All Eyez On Me.


4.Mr Criminal-Criminal Mentality.

5.Lil Rob-Summer Nights.  

Words by: Ian Hinksman.