Yesterday we published part one of our look into the Maltese independent movie scene. Now we’re back with part two to shed some light on the newly released web series “COMING SOON”.

Scene from COMING SOON.

The web series COMING SOON has twenty stories or short films in seven episodes – all filmed in Malta. Each episode is aired on YouTube every Sunday evening at 8PM the series aired its first episode on Sunday the 27th. COMING SOON is inspired by the problem of traffic and transport in Malta, but also relates to that same issue in other countries.


Speaking Exclusively with Underground Sound Maxime Durand says:

“The road is a trigger point for a lot of people, so I wanted to treat that subject with comedy, to ease it a bit but also to talk about it maybe in a different manner.
And as a fan of cinema, I wanted to break its clichés with “close to home” reality checks.


Scene from COMING SOON.

The ambition was to make something quite big with the means I have always used for film-making, A one-man crew. I write, produce, direct, edit create my own props, costumes, set design, make up-special effects, visual SFX and stunts. I manage to do this with little to no budget – from my pocket each of the twenty stories cost around sixty euros. Most of this cost is for food and drinks.



Nobody gets payed – neither do I – it’s a way to stay honest and uncorrupted. I also find the people that are willing to volunteer their time and their energy and I’m thankful the actors, vehicle or location owners that trust me with their time and possessions. I have to add that I have a strong will to show Malta and its diversity, in landscapes and scenery, but also in its people.



I’ve been making films that way for fifteen years but I have never gone this big and ambitious. I got very lucky and have been supported over the years back in France and England, but something of this size over the span of fifteen months, with over 100 on-screen-talents and fifty people supporting, and no money, I have to say “only in Malta.”


Check out the first episode below.


Photography Courtesy of: Maxime Durand.

Words by: Ian Hinksman