It’s been a minute since Underground Sound spoke with Nigel C a rising Maltese techno DJ and producer.

We caught up with him to ask him about his latest release Tombstone.

Nigel’s  brand new EP  Tombstone is brought to you by Morninglory Music. You can expect a very melodic and progressive track with stunning techno elements. Punchy and snappy baselines, warm and ingenious swelling string pads, groovy percussion and a killer melody. Simply put,an amazing masterpiece!

Nigel asked artist’s Morninglory, Wesper, Vaxio and Nightbob to take part on the EP and boy did they deliver pulling out a great set of remixes in several genres.

Morninglory translated Tombstone into a marvelous progressive breaks mix, infinite string pads and ongoing percussion. The breakbeat fits in extremely well, Underground Sound can see that there’s been a lot of heart put into this version!

Wesper turned it into a flawless deep tech, mysterious remix with subtle and dark sound effects. The remix is kept modest but impressive, very modern and groovy.

The remix of Vaxio is really something! Starting up a bit bright and harmonic, the remix is directed into a minimalistic and very profound style. The lovely bells-like plucks and off-tuned voicy stabs are smashing!

Nightbob stayed a bit closer to the original and delivered a firm and uplifting version. Dark pads, swell and slicing drops, a punchy kickdrum and energetic percussive elements are his signature, can’t be missed.

With that said  we had no choice but to throw Nigel some questions on the release and what 2019 has in store for him.

Nigel C. Courtesy of Malcolm Robinson Photography.

What’s up Nigel great to have you back chatting with Underground Sound.  So tell us what have you been up to since we last spoke?

“Always a pleasure! To start off i can tell you it’s been quiet an interesting journey so far so good.”

Tombstone is a killer track! would you like to tell us a little bit more about the release?

“I’m very excited to share this new sound I’ve been working on plus the remixes from the other artists that has been done for me. The EP Tombstone will solely be exclusive to Beatport from the 4th of February and a Worldwide release from the 1st of April.”

We can only assume that more tracks and shows are planned for 2019?

“As much as I wish to share my plans, the year is still too much in the early stages for me to give out any information in regards to shows. Although I can say that there will be much more music and new collaborations there will also be remixes coming out over the following months.”

What are your thoughts on the local techno scene?

“As difficult as it can be in any local underground scene, I believe there will always be ‘room for more’ upcoming talented artists. Social Media today is as vast as space. To top this off in regards to International Acts being booked I think the year 2019 marks the milestone for techno heavyweights to visit our shores.”

You’ve been playing outside of Malta a lot lately how has that experience been?

“Seeing how things look on a bigger scale, have given me a  much clearer perspective of what  the root fundamentals  are for an artist in the millennial era.”

How are you finding your development as an artist?

“Steady and firmly planning to take it all the way to the top by the end of this year.”

Any tips for anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

“Do your homework well!  Support other artists just like you! We’re all in this together after all. We all have one aim and one purpose in this game and that is to make the audience satisfied.”

Could you take us through a day in your life?

“Depending which day that is, because everyday is a different day and I’m always aiming for a fresher one.”

Can you describe your state of mind during a DJ set?

“For me it’s a journey, the same way a good movie producer makes you go through all of your emotions, which I believe a big part of this is through your sound senses, try watching a movie on mute and tell me if you get that same feeling of excitement! To close off, I begin with an introduction , be it heavy or slow.. it doesn’t matter as long as we’re all in the same beat and atmosphere, then gradually I always take it down in the middle of my sets, giving everyone space to breath and to get back into the motion. Topping it all off over my last four tracks I bring it to its peak as I build up to my conclusion.”


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Introducing Nigel C: Malta’s Talented Techno DJ

Photography courtesy: Malcolm Robinson/ Nigel C

Words by: Ian Hinksman