Blue luminosity through a lens of darkness and obscurity. The two on the controls are relentless. Germany, exported.


SHDW & Obscure Shape reintroduced themselves to Malta last Saturday at Liquid with a 5-hour techno conversation. With powerful and well-placed drops leading punters from track to track, they churned a good crowd at the island’s most recognized techno establishment.



Acid squelches. Effects ripping like power tools. Driving bass holding it all together.


SHDW & Obscure Shape reveal their knowledge of playing to strange people in dark places. From the back of the club, ravers resemble salmon in a river. They swim feverishly. Every now and then breaking the surface tension, leaping upwards.


The main hall is full, and Bernard, the man behind the light controls, looks onward – confident that his projectors and lasers are creating a universe of their own. Off by the bar, it’s clear that Liquid is a techno house with the same relaxed nature found all over Malta. It’s all smiles and drinks.


SHDW & Obscure nailed their well-awaited return to the island.Club owner Raymond appears happy to see promotional outfit Entropy bring back a successful crowd. And to bring back the lasers, certainly.

Images courtesy of: Entropy and Underground Sound

Words by: Luc John Claude