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Introducing Isaac B

Isaac B is a London-based hip hop artist and entrepreneur.    Raised in Florida he’s now making a name for himself with his collective AndWhatLDN Inspired by the Motown era, Big L and in later years Lil Wayne and XXXtentacion. Isaac’s new track SNE…

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Hip Hop & Rap, U.S.


Hawaii’s Mount Kilauea is the world’s most active volcano and can spit molten lava at any given moment. When it goes off all you can do is… Gasp. 8,525 miles away sits the 50th US State of Hawaii. A seemingly idyllic paradise. Flip the…

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Hip Hop & Rap, Malta

The Growth Of Rheez

Rheez is back with his latest summer release. The UGS team keeps its eyes open and ears to the floor on the lookout for new talent and continuing to support local and international artists, regardless of genre. We watch the growth of artists and…

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