Underground Sound and its partners give valuable exposure to people and ideas in the fringes of the music and arts industry.

Promotional services

Creative expression and marketing have never been so interlinked. At UGS we seek to provide our clients with the best of both worlds. We put heart back into promotion.

  • Interview articles

  • Artist features

  • Event promotion articles

  • Event/festival reviews


Marketing services


Through custom campaigns we either take to the internet or take to the streets to spread the word far and wide. These range from publicity stunts to immersive events.

  • Online advertising

  • Social media listings and campaigns

  • Guerilla marketing campaigns


Creative solutions


With access to music studios, professional photographers and digital masterminds, we can support with the right tools to execute a project like a boss.

  • Photography and videography

  • Live feed recording of events

  • Graphic and hand drawn design

  • Equipment rental


Consulting services


As a reference in the fast growing local scene, we provide you with valuable knowledge of the Maltese music and entertainment industry. We provide valuable information to help kick off your next venture and can introduce you to the right people when you need them most.