Underground Sound gives visibility to people, ideas and businesses in the music and arts industries.

Promotional services

Creative expression and marketing have never been so close. At UGS we seek to provide our clients the best of both worlds to launch their projects into the next level all the while staying true to originality. We put heart back into promotion.

● Promotional content

● Hype or review content

● In-depth documentation

Marketing services

Access new market with us. Through social media, events and other unorthodox campaigns, we take to the internet – or to the streets – informing the public of your idea or project. Be it a publicity stunt or an immersive event, we go for the unconventional.

● Social media campaigns

● Product/location launch parties

● Publicity stunts

● Guerrilla marketing campaigns

Media and Equipment Services

Working with many brilliant minds, we have created a hub for all types of media and equipment requirements. We have access to music studios, professional photographers and digital masterminds, all who can support with the right tools and necessary experience.

● Photo and video production (drone footage)

● Live feed recording of events

● Graphic and hand drawn design

● Equipment rental

Consulting services

We are a reference in the fast growing local scene providing valuable knowledge of the Maltese music and entertainment industry. We provide information to help kick off your next venture by consulting on the latest venues, artists and trends. We introduce you to the right people when you need them the most.