Underground Voices: The Worlds Smallest Stripper

Underground Voices: The Worlds Smallest Stripper

Underground Voices is our new segment that shines light on unheard voices from Malta and around the world.


What better way to kick this new segment off than an Interview with the the officially recognized as the worlds smallest stripper, standing at 2’10 we introduce you to: Sassee Cassee.


What’s up Cassee, would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m 29 years old and I’m 2’10. I’ve been dancing for 11 years now. In my off time I write short stories and song lyrics. I have no children but a fur baby is my world. He’s a Dachshund and his name is Marley.


You are officially classed as the worlds smallest stripper what was your thought process that made you choose this lifestyle?
I honestly didn’t choose this for myself. I was sought out. I was on the Jerry Springer show when I was 18, I was picked up by an agency who saw me on there. They asked if I wanted to travel to clubs and dance and make money doing it. I was 19 when made my first paid appearance at a gentleman’s club. I was thinking of course I’ll do this. I’m young, and who doesn’t want to travel and make money at the same time.


Do you feel that you are booked as a novelty? If so what are your feelings on this?
Most definitely I’m booked as a novelty. And I’m ok with it. It’s not everyday that you see someone my size get on stage and perform.


Do you feel you have advantages as a dwarf that others may not?
As a dwarf dancer I believe there is advantages. I have incredible strength that goes into my shows. I’m a fantasy to a lot of people. There is also its disadvantages. But I make up for those. I climb the pole differently than other woman. I use my feet instead of wrapping my legs around it. But every performer has its disadvantages and advantages in the world. We all adapt and make our shows wonderful. I love this business and the great performers I meet along my travels.


Why is the word midget so often considered derogatory? And why is little people any better?
I believe that the little people community has deemed it derogatory. The word midget means small, someone of short stature. It was never meant to be derogatory. But some people use it that way. And we have come up with a less offensive sounding term. Little person. And dwarf means someone of small stature as well with a medical condition which makes them short. Hence the word dwarfism. But a lot of people don’t know that and just need to be educated on how the word midget can be offensive even though most people don’t use to be offensive. I myself don’t like to use it but I will when promoting myself. Because when you say little person dancer people might think someone who is 4’6 or something but when you use midget people know you are talking about a really small individual.


Have you ever had offers from the adult entertainment industry? if yes why did you turn it down? if no is it something you would do?
Yes I’ve had offers, and I myself don’t want to get into that industry. I’m doing well with the dancing/stripping entertainment. I am not against those who do it. I applaud them. But it isn’t what I’d like to do.


Have you ever/would you ever consider being on TV? There’s a disproportionately large market for dwarf actors, though the available roles are sort of potentially degrading.
I’ve been on TV a few times. From Jerry Springer to the Maury Povich show before he was doing the paternity tests. I’ve also been on the John Walsh show when he just had a regular talk show. I wouldn’t mind having my own reality show. But I’d want to control it.


What are your feelings on events such as dwarf tossing?
And I myself would never participate in that event. It can be dangerous and to me I consider it demeaning. But I don’t hate on others who decide that’s what they want to do. I believe as a little person we should support the decisions of other little people in the community. I’ve had incidents in where other little woman have said I have given the little woman a bad name because of my profession. That they looked at badly because I’m a stripper and people assume all little woman are like that. I highly disagree – I’m small yes, but I’m making a living and decided to be a stripper just like an average height woman decided they wanted to be a stripper. And as far as other people putting all little woman in the same category, that isn’t my fault. It’s to blame on the person saying that. And not looking at little woman as individuals. I chose my path so let me be me and I’ll let you be you.


Any last words you would like to add?
My advice for any dancer in particular. Save your money. We can’t do this job forever. Do not let people get you down for your job. Whether you are doing it for fun or to make extra cash. Or providing for your family and yourself. this is your life no one else’s.


Words by Ian Hinksman


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