An Intro to Brazilian Funk

An Intro to Brazilian Funk

Photo credit: Fresh Mind Co. @freshmindco & Carolina Demper @carolinademper

It’s raw, dirty and it makes Brazil bounce – introducing Brazilian Funk.


Brazilian funk, or funk in Brazil, has seen huge success across the country in the last years. It’s compared to the West Coast’s G-Funk movement in the 90s and 2000s with a twist of favela culture.


Tropkillaz playing at Rio’s Carnival 2019 Photo credit: Fresh Mind Co. @freshmindco & Carolina Demper @carolinademper


It’s undeniably catchy. Funk consistently infects dancefloors in Brazil, mixing hip-hop, Miami bass and African beats. The style of music originated from street parties in some of the poorest communities in the country, known as favelas, or slums.


Life in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas is difficult. Gang violence, police interventions and poor infrastructure are commonplace in these communities. Carioca funk was born here (carioca is someone from Rio) and has spread and diversified all over Brazil.


While it’s denounced for degrading women and glorifying gangs, others say it is an expression of the reality of favela life. Indeed tracks written by gangs are called funk proibidão (prohibited funk) and are banned by the authorities.


Not all funk is illegal though. MC Kevinho, Anitta and Tropkillaz are all artists that have made this style of music the most popular dance rhythms in Brazil. Anitta in particular is being credited for taking the genre to an international level.


There’s your intro. Now here’s 6 tracks that have exploded in popularity in the last couple years.


Kevin O Chris – Vamos Pra Gaiola (Let’s go to the cage) feat. FP Do Trem Bala


Tropkillaz, J Balvin, Anitta – Bola Rebola (Twerk) ft. MC Zaac


MC Zaac – Sexta Do Mal (Friday of Evil)


MC João – Baile de Favela (Favela dance, party)


Tropkillaz – Boa Noite (SP Baile Mix)


MC Fioti – Bum Bum Tam Tam



Words by: Luc JC

Photo credit: Fresh Mind Co. @freshmindco & Carolina Demper @carolinademper

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