Rheez On The Rise

Rheez On The Rise

Rheez sets fire with his latest track released this evening titled Name In The Sand.


We’ve had our eyes on Rheez for a while now, so when we got word he was set to drop his latest track we knew a Q&A session was needed.


Watch Name In The Sand and check out what the Maltese born UK raised rapper Rheez had to say to us and why he should be on your radar for 2019.


Yo Rheez, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and why people should be following what you’re doing?

Sup, thanks for showing me your support.

I’m 23, Maltese born, raised in Lowestoft UK. I’m hungry, determined and set to change the path I’ve been on, anybody following me on this journey is in for a ride, don’t sleep on the name!


You’ve just released your latest track Name In The Sand this evening would you like to tell us more about it?

Yeah, it’s a remix of Lil Skies – Name in the Sand, I chose the beat because I mess with the artist and the melody behind the beat slaps! This track I’ve put out is an expression of the different moods I go through on a day-to-day basis and how I tackle life’s battles.


You’re brought the flames with your previously released track “4pm In Malta” do you think that you become better at your craft on each release?

Respect for the outlook, I feel I collected my thoughts and showed some of my potential on 4pm In Malta although it was written at a different time in my life, It’s still relevant to my life to this day. I’m growing everyday and this is shown in Name In The Sand and with God’s will I’ll keep getting better and better.



What are your thoughts on the hip-hop scene here in Malta? and are you inspired by any local acts?

I feel like the spark is going to catch very soon!


I mess with any of these artists out here trying to chase their dream and realize their vision whilst keeping true to themselves on all levels. I respect the grind and passion the 215 boys are putting toward the scene it’s mad, they’re hard hitters!


The more noise we all make the better opportunity we create for each one of us. Unity, competition and no division is a must! A shout out to my bro AJ doing his thing in the scene, He’s definitely a name to not sleep on! I have mad love and respect for Fatz who’s fully killing it with her craft. I feel blessed to be around such creative souls for real! Lastly but certainly not least Depth, who’s helped me open the window for me to practice what I love, and for that I’m forever thankful.



Who was your early influences?

Oh dam! that’s a hard one! If I’m honest there are way to many but I’ll  drop a top five for ya. Nasir Jones, Devlin, Skepta, Action Bronson, Mac Miller.


What’s your dream collaboration rapper/producer?

Well RIP to the late great Mac Miller, that would of been the geez that I would of created pure madness with! God rest his soul, he was taken to early. Artist’s that’s still with us I would have to say either Lil Skies or Tory Lanez, I mess with these artists on levels. Producer’s I would say Statik Selektah or Steel Banglez.


What’s heights are you aiming to take your music?

In God’s will, I’m tryna be the greatest I can be in this game, I won’t settle for less!


Who do you collaborate with?

I’ll work with anyone I respect and can relate too and if the vibe is on point,then I’m down. I’ve previously collaborated with Depth and AJ Kruddy. I have more moves to come this year.


What’s the inspiration for the lyrics you write?

Life! I’ve seen some pain, gone through some hardships and I’ve seen many rainy day’s but I give thanks cause without the dark the light will never shine.


What do you think sets you apart as an MC?

I’m  doing my best to stay as authentic to myself as I can be, I feel I’m becoming very diverse as an artist.


With all that said do you have any final thoughts you would like to add?

Yea, I would like to say a big thank you to UGS  for hosting and showing me the love. I just want music to talk now! A wise man once told me everything is timing, so don’t sleep on me! One Love for my home country and anyone showing support to me this early in the game it means a lot.


Rheez Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rheezartist/

Rheez YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHlid-HlOhfYKE4tyiFBScg

Photography Courtesy: Rheez

Words by: Ian Hinksman


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