UGS interviews Lea Dobricic before her set in Malta

UGS interviews Lea Dobricic before her set in Malta

Wanderlust Notion, the mystical, deep house and techno experience created by The Interpreterr has invited Lea Dobricic to play this Saturday 13 April.


Since Lea won The Burn Studios DJ Competition in 2013 she’s been on fire. She’s pretty, charismatic, and most importantly, she can throw down a solid techno track. Add a summer playing with Elrow in Ibiza, she has everything she needs to get people moving.


We catch up with Lea, who has already started off her year strong with events in France, Amsterdam and Romania.



What sparked your fire to start DJing? 

I loved electronic music since I was a teenager and when I started going out to parties I realised that was something I wanted to do in my life. I wanted to create good energy and be connected with people in this very special way.


We heard that you were into psytrance before! What appealed to you to come over to techno?

Yes, I was listening to psy trance for a long time, then I moved to Italy and discovered techno. We were making small private parties in one metal factory and it was really amazing to hear all this heavy techno basses in between huge machinery and dance untill the morning light. I was officially in love and from that moment my life was never the same 🙂


Elrow was in Malta last year and caused a huge splash. How was your time playing with them?

It was the best summer of my life! I was living in Ibiza and playing for Elrow, most fun parties of all times. It is really unique party and if you experience it once, you will remember it for the rest of your life for sure.


Do you have any pre-set rituals before you get behind the decks?

I like to take a moment to my self 10 minutes before my set to relax and meditate a little bit. Calm before the storm 😉


We heard you recently played Amsterdam for the first time at Kraft and Techno Tuesdays. How was the experience and surely it won’t be the last time?

It was truly amazing! I was invited to play Kraft on Saturday but as I was staying in Amsterdam for couple of days more, they invited me to play Techno Tuesday as well. It was a big surprise and I really wasnt expecting that. Before my set I was super excited and nervous….It was like big dream coming true and I can’t wait to be back


Do you have a dream location or festival you would like to play at?

Time Warp, Awakenings, Burning Man


Got a track that you’ve been playing on repeat lately?

I have a couple of tracks that I have been playing a lot:

RanchaTek, Milos Vujovic – Ascension 

Deadwalkman – Manhattan Claps (Original Mix) 

T78 & V-Mas – Man-E-Face


Anything Malta should know before you arrive?

Prepare to dance <3



Photos courtesy of: Lea Dobricic

Words by: Luc JC

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