In.di.go is Back to Launch the Summer Techno Season

In.di.go is Back to Launch the Summer Techno Season

In.di.go is back! Bigger and better at the newly decked-out Roof Top club at Gianpula.


In.di.go is back for another summer season of monthly poolside fun. After last summer’s dubbed-up techno under the sun, In.di.go is going for round 2 with the first edition taking place on May 26th.


In.di.go came about through a love of darker music and Maltese sunshine. The concept was launched by five locals with a passion for all-things-underground. Mornings tend to kick-off with warm, floaty basslines progressing into more pumping, driven sounds as the day rolls on.


What storm? Revellers defy weather at In.di.go’s first 2019 techno event 


For those looking for Sunday morning techno and a chance to cool off from the sun in a pool, In.di.go is definitely a good place to start with a promising summer up ahead.


Four of the organizers Chris Muscat (Muski), Matt Bugeja (Patient), Christian Calafato, and Andrew Vella are behind XPOSE, a techno promotion which has seen some big names grace Malta over the years. The fifth organizer, Gordon Scerri has been contributing to Malta’s underground club scene for over 25 years and is currently running Solid Tracks Records, inspired by fast-paced and eclectic sounds.


“In.di.go Sundays are a great reward to all the work that we’re putting in… because we have a bunch of fun-loving, musically-minded regulars who attend In.di.go as a community. Apart from the three of us that play we have two guests slots for every event, to support the artist community, mixing experienced selectors with budding artists,” Scerri said while speaking with Undergound Sound.


Tickets are available HERE for € 7 from Showshappening


Tickets also available from Underground Sound, contact for more info

RSVP by joining the In.di.go. community


Sunday Morning Underground Culture at In.di.go is… Solid

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