DJ Santi Requelme – Brazilian Funk Master in Malta

DJ Santi Requelme – Brazilian Funk Master in Malta

Listen up, SWEAT is coming closer and closer and we’re bringing you the third iteration of artists to make your feet sore and your ears thump. Introducing Santi, from the state of Cordoba, Argentina.



This guy is far from home and ready to bring you the beats of his homeland; or a variation of it. Growing up playing in rock bands in high school, he soon discovered his talent – and interest – in mixing music. Local clubs, local rhythms, local boy. Until he moved to Brazil, hitting the clubs with his unique combination of rhythms and beats. We’ve met the guy and will tell you why he’s exactly the right fit for what’s coming up this Saturday 29 June.


Ced: Hi Santi, pleasure meeting you. You came at the right point in time, SWEAT is kicking off and we’re excited to have you.

Santi: I am very anxious to be in Malta, and at the same time interested in what SWEAT is going to be my first time in Europe after all – I know that everything will be very good!


Ced: Tell me a little bit about your music. What is it and if you can, let me know what you think is unique about it.

Santi: The last few years I’ve been experimenting with new rhythms, non-commercial remix sounds, that people do not always know, but they move with every beat that comes from the speakers. For example, today in Brazil “moombahton” and non-commercial funk are rhythms that are growing fast and today people enjoy a lot of those parties.


Ced: So does that also include ACTUAL funk in your music? Or do you just scrape what you like and fill it into a set? Tell me your process, what do you do to “write” a song? Or a set, for that matter.

Santi: Yes, pretty much! Moombahton with a pinch of reggaeton usually is a bomb of a combination in the Latin clubs! I’ll be honest, I almost never have a tracklist 100% armed, most of the time I only read the audience, I see how they react and I’m flowing with the music so to speak.


Ced: Yeah, I’ve heard that before. Our Brazilian friend Mar Escalda does something similar. Your after “set” routine – what does that look like? Do you join the crowd, or go home and piggy out with pizza like a madman? What’s your spiel?

Santi: I see, well done my Brazilian friend! The truth is that I like to be like something we call SIEMPRE ARRIBA (always up) and end up with the audience. I really enjoy watching people dance, seeing them happy makes me feel insanely good.


Ced: That’s something both you and I have in common. Is there some advice you can give, as to what this music is all about? What kind of artists can I listen to, to ease myself into the realm of electronic music? Treat me like a student, senpai.

Santi: *thinks* Mhhh… Man it’s difficult to select some, the field is giant and there are artists who are not very well known but have incredible tracks, where they kinda stand out of the typical sounds you’d expect. Beats of the electronic music that we used to hear, some of my favorites in this field and what I really like are for example Tropkillaz, Leo Justi, Tomcio. Although they are not “electronic music” per se, they have their own style.


Ced: We’ve come to our last question Santi, you ready? Cool. Completely out of the blue, your daily summer routine – if you had the choice – how would your perfect summer day look like?

Santi: Of course I’m ready Ced!  And, I grew up on Brazilian beaches, I like to get up early for a surf session, eat a good barbecue and play at the sunset beach parties… I don’t need anything else! On that note, really – thanks for everything man.


Lovely. Our third big import from all over the world turned out to be a real gentleman and knows what he’s talking about, that’s for sure. This writer is surprised at the vast amount of different beats out there and still slowly but steadily nods his head to the music blasting through the speakers, in big anticipation what SWEAT will do to said head once it kicks off. Santi is definitely a force to consider, be sure to check him out onstage – on the 29th of June, should you have forgotten. Underground Sound, out. 

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