The Hip Hop Elements Come Together

The Hip Hop Elements Come Together

Rocket brings the elements of Malta’s hip hop scene together to create one Big Bang.

Summer is a notorious time for events in Malta. It’s highly competitive and there’s a lot to choose from for the wary party goer.

To launch a new concept at this time of year can be daunting, with multiple events flopping before they even get off the ground. One ingredient for success is the strength of  the concept and closely following is the work efficiency of those involved.

The third ingredient is something UGS has a passion for and that is collaboration.

The 4 Elements crew have all three ingredients down and are set to launch their first event which will fuse together Malta’s hip-hop community’s for a night not to be missed.

We took some time out to have a chat with Rocket of 4 elements crew.

Yo Yo Rocket cheers for chatting to UGS.

My pleasure I love what you guys are doing for the different scene’s here in Malta.

Tell me a little bit about the event?

The concept of this event is to bring together all the underground artist’s in Malta both local and international which will create a multicultural event that will fuse together the 4 elements of hip hop, Turntablism,Street Dance,Graffiti and of course emceeing (MC)

I want to see new faces come to the surface, the mic will be available for you to grab and spit. All I can say is be prepared for a crazy hip hop fueled night with a stacked line up set to take you away from your comfort zone!

Talking of the line up what’s in store?

I was waiting for this question…. Check it!

Well there you have it folks,see you on the 13th of July.

Posted by 4 elements crew on Friday, July 5, 2019



Words by: Ian Hinksman

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