Hunee Shakes Gianpula

Hunee Shakes Gianpula

Hunee! Great Hunee! Hunee Khan! 

What a mind-blowing performance, a candy-flip of emotions, a continuous flow of music. It attracted ravers forward like frenetic Giant Himalayan bees to wild poppy pollen.

The conqueror wove magic soul-disco notes for long hours at end, but it all felt like five minutes. 

He played, danced, jumped and at the end with phosphorous eyes thanked us personally for the energy we delivered to him.

And pure energy it was!

If the Glitch Series is finely showing what to expect at the main event; bring it on!

Gracias Hunee. Until the next one – may it be very soon!

Words by: Monty

Photo credit: Daryl Cauchi

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