The Growth Of Rheez

The Growth Of Rheez

Rheez is back with his latest summer release.

The UGS team keeps its eyes open and ears to the floor on the lookout for new talent and continuing to support local and international artists, regardless of genre.

We watch the growth of artists and Rheez is a fine example.

We caught him over the past weekend and he reminded us how far he has come. Now even more evident with his latest release we start to see him grow as an artist, open-up and sharpen his skill set.

Pain Talk sees Rheez communicate with the world as he knows best,through his music. It takes us on a trip through the past year of the rapper’s life giving us an insight into his observations, trials and tribulations and the pains of everyday life.

Turn up the sound and let Rheez do the talking…

Words by: Ian Hinksman


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