Mojo Triad: Acid Rock, Blues and Soul Trio

Mojo Triad: Acid Rock, Blues and Soul Trio

When you think about rock & roll coming out of Malta in 2019, what springs to mind? Psychedelic guitar riffs that pay tribute to the likes of Eric Clapton? Keyboard melodies that dissolve space and time? Or drum beats that eco of decades gone by? I didn’t think so… 

For what lay beneath the streets of a small village named Mtarfa, can only be described as un-freaking-believable… 

Maltese born trio Mojo Triad are about to hit the stage for the first time, playing at perhaps the party of the year at Tiguillio, Zombie Apocalypse on November 2nd. With Luke Fenech on guitar, Jean Aquilina on keyboard and Adin Micallef on the drums, this is certainly a debut that would be perilous to miss. 

As they seamlessly move through genres such as acid rock, blues and soul, this triad of music purists will have even your grandparents grooving, as the nostalgia of years gone by floods the dance floor and soaks into your dancing shoes. We sat with the band to find out a bit more about where they come from, who inspires them and what lies ahead.

Ok lads so how did you get into music and who is your main inspiration? 

Luke: My sister got a toy piano when I was seven and apparently I was obsessed with it so at my next birthday my parents bought me a guitar and I basically never put it down. I am inspired by Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix. 

Jean: I remember my dad playing ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ in the car when was eleven which ignited my love of rock music. I started piano 18 months ago and take inspiration from Beethoven and Tony Iommi. 

Adin: I always wanted to play the drums, so after listening to Led Zeppelin and The Beatles I was hooked! I am inspired by John Bonham & Bill Ward among many other greats. 

What do you love about music?

Luke: Music enables me to express feelings that can’t be put into words. 

Jean: Music is the best medium and the more I put into music the more it gives back. 

Adin: Music makes people happy and helps them express their feelings through pure enjoyment. 

What does the current music scene need more of? 

Luke: Much more focus on instrumental music, just having ‘catchy’ lyrics isn’t enough.  

Jean: More focus on melodies, currently our music industries main focus is on the beat rather than the melody, which doesn’t give way to raw talent. 

Adin: Rock & roll, boogie and blues! 

What are your goals for next year? 

Luke: To start doing regular gigs in Malta, build a fanbase and travel to other countries. 

Jean: To make a living from music instead of chasing short-lived happiness and mediocrity.

Adin: Continue to broaden my skill set and knowledge while securing regular gigs. 

Wow you guys really are light years ahead of your time and we look forward to seeing what Mojo Triad have in store for us on November 2nd and in the years to come. Thank you very much for joining us and as they say, Zombie Apocalypse or not – the show must go on.

Catch Mojo Triad at ZA19 this Saturday at Tigullio


Words by: Shayne Nash

Images courtesy of: Mojo Triad

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