50 Cent Trolled By Australia’s Banksy

50 Cent Trolled By Australia’s Banksy

50 Cent has entered into one of the weirdest feuds you could imagine with Melbourne-based graffiti artist Lushsux.

The street artist has been painting morphed murals of 50 around Melbourne over the past weeks leading the famed artist to declare the project 50 Week, much to 50’s annoyance.

“Who the fuck keep painting these murals of me all over the place? This is fucked up man.”

The rapper stopped finding the humor in the art work upon realizing that the anonymous artist Lushsux wasn’t letting up and with the online feud growing Lushux is set to continue his attack by declaring 50 Month.

50 Jung Un
50 Malone

“Swifty Cent i’d like to hit this MF right in the back of his head while he doing this shit,”

Swifty Cent
Too Many Trips To The Candy Shop

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