Founder Luc Rouffaud

Founder Luc Rouffaud

Co-Founder Ian Hinksman

Co-Founder Ian Hinksman


Underground Sound

Malta’s Original Guerrilla Marketing Company

Established in 2017, Ian and Luc combined their years of experience in sales, marketing, events and content creation to found Underground Sound, Malta’s first underground music, events and subculture website.

Marketing is like a battlefield – thousands of companies vying for control of their audiences’ attention. Guerrilla warfare is described as a small group of combatants using military tactics and mobility to fight a larger traditional army.

Underground Sound is inspired by the same spirit: using fewer resources to make a bigger impact.

The unifying factor was a love for the unconventional, irregular and sometimes bizarre marketing antics that use visible, in-your-face and street-level marketing to go viral.

We cater to events, music, food, beverage and sports industries – basically anyone that needs an alternative marketing strategy to differentiate themselves from the pack. Increase your company’s value and enter new markets with us.