Spotlight Ramzi

Spotlight Ramzi

Amongst the clutter of NYE events stands ALIVE.

Following on from a solid year of events it’s time for 2019 to come to an end in style at the recently renovated Club House at Gianpula Village.

Yes, we hear you and no we aren’t the thought police but your currently thinking to play it safe and head in to PV.

Blah Blah Blah.

We hear it all the time especially from our expat readers who simply may not know that you would be missing yet another carefully curated line- up of high profile local underground headliners that Malta has to offer.

ALIVE can only be described as seven hour marathon of techno that will set 2020 off with a blurred vision and flashbacks of the nights debauchery to keep you entertained on NYD.

UGS shines a spotlight on the DJs set to take you on the trip starting off with the one and only Ramzi.

Ramzi Armani developed a passion for music at the tender age of 12. With his brother lying at the forefront of Malta’s clubbing scene.

Ramzi was influenced to start djing and at the age of 13 had his first gig at Club lounge which set the ball rolling.

An accumulation of intense one-on-one sessions and developed interest landed Ramzi his first opportunity on the “macro” level where at the age of 16, Ramzi featured on the 1st of May line up, one of Malta’s largest festivals to date.

In the past few years Ramzi has grown to become one of the headliners of this event.

The festival led to an extend string of performances in Malta’s largest clubs and Ramzi continued to experiment with different styles as well and established his technique through practice.

Opportunities continued to spring up and at the age of 18 Ramzi had his first international gig where he accompanied his brother to play in Russia back in 2009 and also in Italy in 2011.

These performances instilled confidence within Ramzi which led to the development of his own promotions Pink Elevator and S.O.A.P both of which got large crowds who gathered to listen to the sounds of Ramzi.

2014 was a revolutionary year for Ramzi’s style of music where he shifted to a more underground style and established himself through the techhouse and techno genre particularly during his afternoon sessions at Miracles every Sunday. Such a transition in style led to gigs at Creamfields.

In 2017 Ramzi started headlining his own event “Alive”. To this date, “Alive” has grown tremendously and attracts a big amount of local and foreign people who join for the quality and style of music.

Ramzi traveled back to Italy in 2015 for a gig warming up for Illario Alicante in. He’s also played in Spain and Tunisia in recent years.

He’s also had the honor of playing alongside heavyweights such as:

Mind Against, Artbat, Raxon, Stephan Bodzin, Riva Starr, Mathame, Tube & Berger, Deborah De Luca, Dubfire, Guy Gerber, Chris Liebing, Joris Voorn, Chicola, Upercent, Magdalena, &ME, Moonwalk, James Zabiela, Fideles, Pirupa, Wurtz and the list go’s on.

Today you can catch Ramzi continues playing in Malta’s leading venues and promotions.

Mark our words it’s only a matter of time before you’ll find him at the pinnacle of the islands clubbing scene.


Words by: Ian Hinksman