Babe Rainbow the Wild Australian Faces of Rainbow Psychedelia

Babe Rainbow, Album artwork from Today

Babe Rainbow is the Australian face of rainbow psychedelia, a pop rock group born out of surfing culture.

With sounds taken from 60’s and 70’s musical tradition, they are becoming quite famous in Australia and beyond. Discover them with us to dance and surf at the rhythm of nature.

­Babe Rainbow, dreamy pop band from Australia

Double Rainbow album artwork
Double Rainbow album artwork

Babe rainbow formed in 2015 in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. They were Angus Dowling, Jack Crowter (aka Cool Breeze), Elliot O’ Reilly and Lulu Felix Domingo. Between 2018 and 2021 they were joined by Miles Myjavec on drums. Their current formation remains the same (minus O’ Reilly).

Currently they have released three EPs and five albums: The Babe Rainbow (2017), Double Rainbow (2018), Today (2019), Changing Colours (2021) and The Organic Band (2022). In the last months of 2023, however, they started releasing new singles and new EPs went out, Mushroom and Fresh as a Head of Lettuce.

Keywords for Babe Rainbow: surf, nature and throwback

Before becoming musicians, the four worked as farmers and still are quite involved with environmental awareness and permaculture. They have a close link with nature, owning a common macadamia nut farm: The Music Farm. Here, in 2022 they played their greatest hits concert “Levitation Sessions.”

Nostalgia is present in their musical references and in their style. Their look and attitude have strong hippie vibes – long hair, colorful shirts, and natural environments as their usual surroundings.

Their vintage appearance gives off a mystical and chill vibe. I mean, consider the fact that a few years ago they were producing completely analog, making them accidentally more vintage.

Like the Beatles meet Tame Impala – and more

Smash the Machine album artwork from Babe Rainbow
Smash the Machine album artwork from Babe Rainbow

Through the years, their musical experimentation evolved exploring various decades. First, they were inspired by 60s and 70s sound, mixing soul vibes, Beatles-style rhythms and psychedelic guitars.

Later on, they dove into new eras. In 2022 album Changing Colours (2023) they explored a different atmosphere that ranged from boogie to ‘80 and ‘90 sounds like garage sounds.

Listening to the whole discography of Babe Rainbow is like meeting The Beatles and Tame Impala on a warm sunny beach. We’re not saying they don’t produce original sounds. On the contrary – they explore a lot of different genres and different inputs are easily recognizable in their music.

Various sounds are mixed into their albums creating a nostalgia of past scenarios. Their use of ‘60 psychedelia or the Beatles influence is present in “Peach Blossom Energy”. In other songs, like ‘Loading Quicksilver With Pitchfork’ a reminder to the dreamy atmosphere of some Tame Impala songs can be perceived.  

Babe Rainbow, mystical, magic and throwback attitude

In their debut album The Babe Rainbow (2017) the sound was very close to surf pop and surf culture. This is explained by their origins, with the first nucleus of the band born in the coastal city of Rainbow Bay, close to Byron Bay, Australia.

A “throwback” attitude is always perceived in their work. The link with past musical scenes is perceived especially in their use of guitars and vocals.

Famous rainbow remixes and worthy featured moments

A lot of musicians have been producing remixes of The Babe Rainbows’ work. For example, the Jono Mo remixes like the latest ‘Loading Quicksilver With Pitchfork’ or another one, ‘Monky Disco Jono Ma Dub Mix.’

Also, the band had some features, like rapper Jaden Smith and famous Australian band King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. The latter also produced their first album.

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