Basil Panagop, Multifaceted Artist Taking the Alt-Pop Scene by Storm

basil panagop

Meet Basil Panagop – the multifaceted Canadian who’s making waves in the alt-pop scene. With a range of talents at his disposal, Basil is pushing the boundaries of modern-day artistry.

But what sets him apart from the rest? Let’s delve deeper into his world and find out.

Delving into Basil Panagop’s story as an artist

Basil Panagop’s musical journey began at a young age when his cousin Dimitri introduced him to drums, igniting his passion for music.

In 2018, Basil decided to take his music career to the next level by moving from his hometown of Halifax to Glasgow. Since then, he has been in Europe, continuously growing and evolving as an artist.

This growth only further intensified his eagerness for performing, with each stage appearance providing an unparalleled sense of energy and freedom.

From the first time Basil stepped on stage, he has felt an indescribable rush that he still experiences to this day. Basil describes it as “the most incredibly freeing feeling on this planet” and “an energy exchange that can’t be matched.”

Basil Panagop Performing Live
Basil Panagop Performing Live

However, Basil is no stranger to the challenges that come with a music career. He has made financial sacrifices to invest in his projects and put in countless hours of work.

But despite all of this, Basil maintains a positive attitude:

We all make sacrifices on a day-to-day basis to get to where we want to ultimately end up, and the real ones, who will ride with you no matter what will support you in that pursuit.

The sound of Basil

Influenced by artists like Frank Ocean, Sufjan Stevens, and Radiohead, Basil aims to weave compelling stories that leave a lasting impression on his listeners, rather than producing simple pop songs that merely entertain.

When it comes to creating his music, Basil’s process is like going on an adventure. It all starts with a melody that pops into his head, which he uses to guide the overall mood of the song. With that foundation in place, he sets off to explore the emotion and story he wants to convey.

Once he has the basics down, he layers in drums and additional instruments like symphony strings and horns to create a cohesive sound. From there, he experiments with different sounds and textures to see where the song can take him.

This approach has led him to several successful projects, including his full-length project, LaLaLand, which he considers to be the biggest highlight of his career so far. This project tells a cohesive story, and it’s more like a movie than a simple collection of songs. And for Basil, LaLaLand marked a turning point, opening up endless possibilities.

LaLaLand - Basil Panagop's Album
LaLaLand – Basil Panagop’s Album

For Basil, music is a mirror of life, and it should reflect all aspects of the human experience. In Basil’s words, “Life isn’t a straight line, and neither should music.” He believes that only by embracing the twists and turns of life and exploring its many facets can music truly resonate with listeners and leave a mark.

Discover Basil’s latest release – Plantain

Basil’s latest release, Plantain, is the first single of Basil’s upcoming album called 6AM. It’s a heartfelt exploration of the complexities of relationships and self-sabotage.

The song was born out of Basil’s own struggles with feeling unable to care for someone as they deserved or being made to feel that way by others.

Through the lyrics and melody, Plantain tells a compelling story of the inner turmoil that arises when one’s actions lead to consequences, ultimately leading to regret.

Basil masterfully conveys these complex emotions through his music, making Plantain a powerful and relatable piece of art that resonates with listeners on a deep level.

Experience Plantain for yourself here:

Plantain by Basil Panagop

A glimpse into the creative direction & future projects of Basil Panagop

Basil’s creative drive knows no bounds, as he continues to push himself in new directions across multiple artistic domains.

His main objective is to keep producing music, while also creating visually striking music videos and expanding his clothing line, IVTPVIT.

What sets Basil Panagop apart is his willingness to explore new terrain, without any preconceived notions or fixed ideas about where his creative journey should lead.

As he puts it:

For the first time in a little while, I’m creating music with no real intention other than to explore the outer reaches of where I can take it. It’s like rowing a boat in any direction you want just to see where it will take you, it’s a bit of fresh air.

And if you want to catch Basil live, don’t miss out on the opportunity of witnessing his performance on 12th May during the highly anticipated New Skool Rules music conference.

Read more about New Skool Rules here.

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