Discover 432Hz in Psychedelic Trance Music, with Interconnekted

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Is 432Hz the secret ingredient that makes psy-trance so mesmerizing, or is it just another sonic placebo?

Join us along with Interconnekted, as we tap into the realm of 432Hz in psy-trance music, and whether the frequency is truly the key to heal your spirit.

432Hz explained

Let’s start with the basics — things are going to get a bit technical here. Sound frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz) or the number of vibrations per second.In instrument-based music, concert pitch refers to the pitch reference that a group of musical instruments playing together are tuned to.

This means that musicians can play together and produce a sound that is harmonically pleasing to your ears. If you’ve ever heard someone pick up and strum an out-of-tune guitar at a house party, you’ll understand why this is important.

Since around the 1940s, 440Hz has been the internationally agreed upon standard for music. Meaning that most music you’ve heard has probably been set in this pitch. Proponents of the healing powers of 432Hz are essentially saying that slightly less vibrations a second are more beneficial to us.

Musical medicine

The supposed benefits of listening to music tuned to 432Hz include reduced anxiety, more creativity, and positive physiological effects such as stable blood pressure. This, paired with the trance-like state of suspended consciousness, that psychedelic trance can put listeners into, should mix perfectly.

These claims go the other way too. Some believe that 440Hz is an ‘unhealthy’ frequency to listen to, blocking creativity. Although we couldn’t find any scientific papers to back this up, we did find this paper published in the National Library of Medicine. It states that the 432Hz frequency has more positive then negative benefits compared to 440Hz.

Cultural connection

Connection. Image courtesy of Barbara A Lane via Pixabay
Connection. Image courtesy of Barbara A Lane via Pixabay

Despite not all psy-trance being in 432Hz and not all 432Hz music being psy-trance, there’s a connection to be found.

Culturally, the groups who enjoy both the frequency and the genre overlap. Much like the original pioneers of psychedelic trance, disciples of 432Hz also seek to heal through music. So the parallels begin. Electronic music with droning notes, tuned to a healing frequency, in theory makes for the perfect sound-based food for your soul.

Looking at the parallels, you can see how the Venn diagram of people who listen to 432Hz and psy-trance is pretty much a circle. The two even evoke the same imagery, the magical wavelength is often associated with chakras, fractals, and nature. With the same being found in the psy-trance community.

Acolytes of 432Hz

Believers in the mystical power of 432Hz include Prince, Andrea Bocelli, and the late, XXXTENTACION so there’s support for these ideas across the music industry, not just psy-trance.

The earliest confirmed use of the frequency was by composer Verdi, although this was for more practical reasons. Pitch standards at the time were rapidly rising and he called for a reset to 432Hz as standard, as his opera singers could not keep up with the high notes.

A few words from the wizard

We spoke to psy-wizard Gilbert Cordina (AKA Interconnekted), to hear what he has to say about the frequency and its connection to psychedelic trance music.

Recounting how he first encountered it, he says

“I read up about the standardization of 440Hz. From there I stumbled upon the idea that this was done to manipulate the masses, into a more materialistic way of life”. After further experimentation and study with 432Hz, and microtuning (that is, tunings that deviate from the standard 440Hz). He never looked back.

The wizard’s verdict

Interconnekted describes the warmer and more heartfelt sound that 432Hz imparts on his music,saying “I’m conscious about the way my music conjures up emotions”. He has since made it his mission as a musical magician to heal through sound and movement.

When asked about the frequency’s spiritual powers, Interconnekted rejects them. Instead saying that “The magic is found within us, music can only help us to get more in touch with ourselves and each other”.

The 432Hz creative process

Interconnekted says that after experimenting with microtuning for so long, “440Hz feels boring to me, and when I play around with microtuning I’m having fun with it. It’s a major part of my creative process”.

In fact, 432Hz isn’t the only alternate tuning he’s toyed with; enchanting his music with mathematical formulae and scales. He name-dropped renowned mathematicians, who he draws inspiration from including Euler, Pythagoras, and Fibonacci,

A psy-prescription

After you listen to Interconnekted’s spacey tunes, listen to these mystifying artists he recommends to check out Braincell, Hux Flux, and Ianuaria, whose track Mosquito Ride sounds like it includes that mosquito-repellent high-pitched frequency.

You can also try your hand at being the psy-wizard’s, psy-apprentice, by taking his new Udemy course that delves in to how to produce 432Hz Psy-trance.

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Written by Timothy Catania

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