Our Top 13 UgS Spotify Playlists of 2024 So Far

summer bonfire

It’s official – we’re halfway through the year. If that doesn’t freak you out, wait until you see the Spotify playlists we’ve come up with over the past 182 days.

Spotify playlists for days

Playlist making is one of our favorite past times. While we have playlists over multiple channels, it’s our Spotify selections that are most developed. Yes, we admit that Spotify doesn’t host all of the music we find (and they pay artists jack sh*t) – but it’s too damn easy to use.

What’s the plan?

Save these playlists, download them and let yourself soar into summer like a majestic hawk- wait no, a falcon, like a falcon.

A quick users guide: I’ve embedded the Spotify playlists, but to open it in the app, just click the hyperlink above it. Have at it.

1. DnB, Breaks & Wobbles

As the name would suggest, this is all about drum and bass, breakbeat and a wee bit of jungle. It follows the success of 2023’s wobbler of a playlist. Bang this on pre-gaming, cruising or when you’re in search of that sweet sound of DnB. Our favorites on this one include ‘Off Wiv Ya Headz’ by Nia Archives, an old school Cyantific track ‘Without Sound’ from Hospital Records and of course ‘Sound Killer’ by Dr Meaker (he’s out with a new album soon!).

Listen here.

2. Summer of Reggae 2024

Happy July, it’s summer! This is our annual reggae playlist that we’ve been running since 2017, a mix of new, old and simply stellar ragga beachside vibes. 1000% top song this year is ‘Trouble’ by Lutan Fyah. Close seconds are Ganja Farmer by J Boog (NZ reggae) and Weed & Tings off of Protoje and Zion I Kings’ great album.

Bun it here.

3. Psy Chill & Other Dubby Goods

For those that prefer the chill side of psychedelic electronic music, this is a mix of psy-chill, dub and other curiosities. Easy favorite on here is ‘Easy’ by Brainbeats – listening feels like you’re getting your cranium massaged. Explains the name.

Space out here.

4. Travel 2024

As advertised– a nice hour long (still in the making) playlist with random genres and origins that only share one factor: they make you wanna hit the road. You’ve got 182 days left of the year, travel far and wide.

Start traveling here.

5. Laid Back Tracks

Another annual gem of a playlist. Life is about flux, ups and downs, activity and lethargy. This is the the toned down part of your wild side. ‘Lost’ by Tender Games embodies this best. You can pick and choose, but the best way to enjoy this list, is to simply hit shuffle and put your feet up.

Kick back here.

6. Deep & Progressive

The line between house and techno is blurred. In fact, who said there was even a line? This is summer rooftop party music, night cruising and sunset beats… doesn’t matter where you are, I’m sure you’ll find inspiration in this one. ‘I Love You’ by andhim particularly stands out. I was also blown away by Fulltone, Shyam P’s ‘Make Believe’. It’s music like this that keeps us going.

Transcend here.

7. Chilled Out Techno

Ever since I heard Recondite at my mate’s flat in Berlin nearly a decade ago, chilled out, ambient techno has intrigued me. Downtempo, dubby and atmospheric, yet crazy uplifting. Lots of dub techno influences as of late.

Travel without going anywhere at all, here.

8. Hip-Hop Finds 2024

Yup, we’ve got one for the hip-hop heads too. It’s an odd mix of new and old school. We’ve explored underrated gems from the golden age just as much as UK grime this year. About an hour and 40 minutes worth of bangers on there.

Crank it up here.

9. SWU Morning Show Finds 2024

We couldn’t be happier that SWU FM is back (via RINSE). Selector Felix Joy finds the perfect morning tunes (check out our interview with him). These are more classics that are often heard in the UK, but that are enjoyable no matter who you are and what you listen to. Bristol-based brekkie, fo-sho.

Click to SWUUUUU.

10. PSY PANTS 2024

Our favorite psy-trance finds of the year so far… still halfway to go. Henrique Camacho, Sonic Entity and even Giorgia Angiuli are in this one. A BIG favorite to listen to windows down full blast is ‘Blackbird SR-71’ by Indira Paganotto.

Click for interdimensional travel.

11. House Music Love

The act of eternally chasing summer right here. It’s a modest hour and a half of music to shake to. Dan Swindle, Nights in Reverse and other great finds. Still a work in progress, but we’re definitely going somewhere with this.

Love house here.

12. Dreamy DnB 2024

DJ Marky, Makoto, Alpha Rhythm and all the liquid DnB that you would ever ask for. Liquid is great for study, travel or anything else. When it’s cranked up, we really get our best work written down. And don’t worry, you’ve got over three hours here.

P.S. If you listen to ONE TRACK from this list make sure it’s ‘Walk with Me’ by KALOA.

Drift away on cloud 9 here.


You’ve made it this far? Then you deserve to face off with the boss. Not recommended to listen to while driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery, there have been accidents. Expect exceedingly fast-paced music from Vandal, Billx and Sammy Virji. All speed, no brakes.

Fire it up here.

Written by Luc Rouffaud

Luc Rouffaud is the founder of Underground Sound and has seven years of experience in the music industry, particularly running a music publication and marketing events.

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