Devour the Crazy Wasted Talent of the West Coast Rap Scene

Dive into this brief analysis on why L.A.-based rapper, Devour is one of the most wasted talents of the West Coast hip-hop scene.

The incredible talent of the East L.A.-based rapper Devour (aka Devour UP!) is being wasted day after day. Let us break down why in a trip around his character and artistic journey.

Early life and rap ventures of Devour

In 2013, Devour starts to get noticed with his YouTube channel (now standing at 530.000 subs). Millions of views ensured him the visibility he needed to be one of the freshest west-coast hip-hop artists. At a young age he moved from the projects of East LA ,to the San Fernando Valley with his parents who wanted to give him and his siblings a better chance at life.

Even though he was born in a middle-class family, his early life was not that easy and he found himself mixing with the very people that his parents wanted to get him away from. However, his ambition to get away from the hood was a priority, and he actually made it through his music.

Navigating Devour’s West Coast vibes and influences

Devour’s discography is wide and recognizable all throughout the West Coast and beyond. You can see the music from which he took inspiration, following the all-time greats such as Snoop Dogg, YG and Nipsey Hussle. 

His frequent use of the West Coast beat scheme, with twists of RnB and straight up boom-bap made him easily listenable and likeable from a major part of the US. Indeed, what immediately captures attention is his numbers throughout all the streaming services, being extremely high all his career. Here we want to present you two examples of his craft, embodied in the two major hits “Burnt Out” and “D.E.V.O.U.R UP!”.

Turbulent Journey:  Legal Issues and Downfall of a Wasted Talent

Recently, Devour’s incredible fame suffered a major decrease in productivity. This happened after he murdered his close friend and business partner Henry King in 2019. The two owned a clothing brand in Los Angeles (King Couture), and King’s gradual acquisition of the brand angered Devour so much that it prompted him to shoot him.

He later plead guilty and was sent to prison. However, through a 2-million-dollar bail, the rapper will eventually get out in 6 years, instead of the much longer sentence that he should’ve faced.

All these recent events did not completely cancel him from the West Coast hip-hop scene. He continued to drop new songs even in 2023, like “Unborn Child”, or “The One”. As one might notice, his visibility has dropped dramatically, almost making his fame seem like only a distant memory.

Instagram from Jail

It is another example of the everlasting cliché of “the rapper who comes from the hood and tries to survive everyday life by being a gangsta.” In this case, this clearly happened, even with the almost-optimal conditions to not do so.

During his career, he ensured himself economic stability to be covered in any situation, as the bail he paid and related attorney fees. Nevertheless, this does not exclude the fact that he now has still to spend just under three years in jail.

Devour keeps posting on his Instagram profile, so that he can give his fans regular updates on his status. And obviously, he didn’t stop rapping, as it can be seen from this short video below.

What else can we expect from the future of Devour?

Hints on his IG profile and interviews around the web make us think that it’s not over. We can still find hope in this prison stint that Devour’s facing right now. Perhaps the whole experience will change him for the good, as he also is a father of two.

Ultimately “only God will know!”, as the famous rapper Common sings in his song “Strange Fruit”. In the meanwhile, follow us to stay updated.

Devour Socials

Written by Gabriele Luchetti

Gabriele Luchetti is a music journalist based out near Rome, Italy. He writes on various scenes including hip-hop, post-punk and different music trends of the day.

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