Tha God Fahim Drops Another Crazy “Dump Goat” Saga Album

Tha God Fahim new album art

Tha God Fahim is currently one of the underground scene’s most consistent and productive rappers. The Dump Goat is back!

Atlanta rapper Tha God Fahim recently dropped his latest LP, “Dump Goat 2”. out on all streaming platforms just two weeks, after releasing his last project with Cookin Soul. That’s some serious dedication if you ask us.

Tha God Fahim’s way

It’s not the first time that Tha God Fahim drops another underground classic album. In only a few years, he’s managed to drop more than 100 projects making him one of the most prolific artists in the US.  He worked with The Alchemist, Mach-Hommy, and Your Old Droog (just to cite some) on several projects.

Known for the “Dump Gawd” saga, and his originality in his visual component, it’s clear how Fahim likes to space between Arabic, Japanese and cartoon-esque aesthetics.

The fact that he’s in some ways underrated (look at the total streams he has on streaming platforms) suggests to us that he’s surely an underground artist to look out for. Especially if you’re a fan of music niches.

A real underground project for old-school listeners

In his newest album “Dump Goat 2”, Fahim shows us what it’s like to be a real underground artist. The productions are some of the most old-fashioned boom-bap tunes you’ll ever listen in 2024, only comparable to other rappers like Freddie Gibbs or Joey Badass.

But this doesn’t only come with productions, but also with impeccable lyrics that face the everlasting hot topics of rap including street life, feelings of revenge and luxurious lifestyles.

It’s crazy to think that one can obtain this quality over this pace of releases. Few artists can produce this much and the ones that do don’t always get the result they expect (cough cough… Gucci Mane… cough cough). Hence, Tha God Fahim represents an exception. A highly talented yet underrated artist at the same time.

To conclude, we think that you should probably give “Dump Goat 2” a listen. You will not be let down by Fahim (might be called “Tha God” for a reason..) and his incredible artistic vein.

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Written by Gabriele Luchetti

Gabriele Luchetti is a music journalist based out near Rome, Italy. He writes on various scenes including hip-hop, post-punk and different music trends of the day.

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