Top 40 Golden Age Hip Hop Vinyl Records for True Collectors

A row of vinyl records
Serendeepity Record Store, Milan, Italy

Looking for golden Age era hip-hop vinyl? We reach out to master spinner Miki Rastaman to give us his top 40 must-have albums for collectors.

This is the next in our hip-hop vinyl series. For old school hip-hop, see our first article here.

When was the golden age of hip-hop?

Midnight Marauders album by A Tribe Called Quest, golden age hip hop vinyl
Midnight Marauders by A Tribe Called Quest

The golden age of hip-hop refers to instant rap classics that were released roughly between the mid-1980’s to mid-1990’s, generally from the New York area (there are exceptions).

So why is it called the golden age?

It was the golden age due to the sheer amount of banging material coming out at the time. The number of rap prodigies from that time was hard to keep track of.

So much music was released that hip-hop reached critical mass. That’s why you can still find slept on gems from that period.

But it wasn’t just about rap. The culture of hip-hop was developing at the simultaneously, including the elements of breaking, graffiti and DJing.

Miki Rastaman defines golden age hip hop

Miki Rastaman in the mix at Tigullio Club in Malta
Miki Rastaman in the mix at Tigullio Club in Malta

It’s danceable, slower and louder than hip hop from the Bling Bling Era (1997-2008) or the Internet Era (2009-present). Think of lots of reinventing and experimenting with samples. Miki explains further:

“The golden age era was the period in which most of the best hip hop albums were produced. The MC’s changed the flow, rhymes and delivery. Producers started using different breaks to create new instrumentals.”

Artists associated with the golden age include KRS One, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Gang Starr and Queen Latifah.

Origins of great hip-hop legends

Album cover of Ready to Die by Notorious B.I.G.
Album cover of Ready to Die by Notorious B.I.G.

After reviewing these top 40 from Miki Rastaman, it’s refreshing to hear all these big names showing up on each other’s albums. Many of these records include debuts or early beginnings from Notorious B.I.G., Nas and many others. Listen closely and happy digital digging.

1. KRS-One – Return Of The Boom Bap, hip hop vinyl gold

Woop woop that’s the sound of da police there is no lyric more hip hop than that. And it is owned by KRS-One on his 1993 Return of the Boom Bap album. Our favorites on this one include ‘Black Cop’ that almost has a Caribbean feel to it. Then there’s ‘I Can’t Wake Up’ a rap about KRS-One living the existence of “a blunt getting smoked,” passed around and unable to wake up.

This was KRS-One’s first official solo album and a definitely classic golden age hip-hop era classic. Fun fact: KRS-One was his graffiti alias that stands for “Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everybody.”

For sale on Amazon here.

2. Lords Of The Underground – Here Come The Lords, classic material right here

The debut album of Lords Of The Underground features conscious rap, funky beats, smart samples and full on energy. This hip-hop trio consisting of Newark MC’s Mr. Funke, Dupre ‘Doitall’ Kelly and Cleveland-born DJ Lord Jazz dropped their first album in 1993. Singles ‘Psycho’ and ‘Funky Child’ do it for us – this is massive classic material right here.

Fun fact: The line “’I live for the funk, I die for the funk” from Chief Rocka was the group’s most successful single and was sampled by The Notorious B.I.G., RL & K-DEF.

Do you really need more convincing? Grab wax copy here.

3. Real Live – The Turnaround: A Long Awaited Drama, 100% golden age

Miki throws us something a little more obscure here. Obscure, but 100% golden age. The Turnaround: A Long Awaited Drama by Real live is a demonstration of underground lyrics, turntabling and pure street vibes.

Larry-O and K-Def had been low profile since the 80’s until Marley Marl discovered them. In 1996 he co-produced the album and they dropped this rough hip hop record. Think heavy funk and percussion that slaps. Guest appearances on the ‘Real Live’ remix include Ghostface Killah, Killah Sin, Lord Tariq, and Cappadonna.

This is considered a rarity hip-hop album. If you see one on the shelves, don’t hesitate to pick it up. Otherwise, if you’ve got the dough, cough it up and buy it on Amazon.

4. Da Yougsta’z – I’ll Make U Famous, a rare, slept-on Philadelphia production

“Don’t be scared just prepare for the worst.” Dark vibes from Da Yougsta’z to start off I’ll Make You Famous, their fourth and final album.

A few reasons to go after this golden age hip hop album:

  • Fantastic production
  • Some of Philadelphia’s greatest rappers from the era
  • Raps about grimy street tales and hustling in the inner city

It’s very hard to find this album today. File it under “slept on” and “highly underrated.” What a find Miki, what a goddamn find.

Buy it here online (if it’s available).

5. Lord Finesse – The Awakening, for the real hip hop vinyl collectors

Lord Finesse is a hardcore rapper from the Bronx, and we love that this starts off with a sermon. This hip hop vinyl features boom bop jazzy beats and raw, but smart lyrics like “I get stupid but I’m dumb wise.” Completely understandable why Miki included this one.

Loads of guest rappers on here including Doo-Wop, O.C., KRS-One, MC Lyte, Marquee, Akinyele, Showbiz, Diamond D, A.G., Kid Capri, Large Professor and Brand Nubian’s Grand Puba and Sadat X. The Awakening was Lord Finesse’s last album. And like every good album, you can listen to this from front to back – essential for real hip hop heads out there.

Cop this on Amazon.

6. Keith Murray – Enigma, a vinyl rarity

“I make music for my peoples.” This was the second album of Keith Murray, a rapper from New York and member of Def Squad featuring Redman and Erick Sermon.

Released in 1996, Enigma features the likes of Busta Rhymes, Redman, Dave Hollister, 50 Grand, Kel Vicious, & Young Jama. Another example of an album that you can listen all the way through. Heavy East Coast vibes here.

Attention: this is some rare vinyl material right here. It’s available online, but it’s mega expensive – have a look here.

7. Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Tang Forever, a forever-type of hip-hop vinyl

This was Wu-Tang Clan’s second studio album released in 1997. It is the group’s best-selling album to date and got a Grammy Award nomination in 1998.

We hold ‘Reunited (feat. GZA, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, RZA & Method Man)’ very close to heart. The violin beat and the chorus marry perfectly with the grimy, matter of fact raps of these guys. “I don’t walk I get carried.”

A lot of people say this was Wu Tang’s last great album – a cult classic and a forever-type hip-hop album. No wonder people want to get this on vinyl. What is golden age hip hop without Wu Tang? Throws up ‘W’.

Gave this hip hop vinyl classic here.

8. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Mecca And The Soul Brother

Mecca And The Soul Brother is a smooth album from 1992 by Pete Rock & CL Smooth, a duo from New York. Do yourself a favor, put on the album and when you get to ‘They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)’ imagine yourself in 90’s NYC.

Despite this track being one of the most well-known from the album, what makes this hip-hop vinyl great is that it runs seamlessly from beginning to end. It’s rap art at its finest.

In the words of an emotional reviewer: “If you haven’t heard this album, it’s probably time that you return to the fundamentals of the genre and make your required trip to the Mecca.”

Find this hop-hop album on Amazon.

9. Double X Posse – Ruff, Rugged And Raw, it’s all in the name

There’s no other way to put it – this album is hardcore. It starts off with a beat that kicks you in the face and ends with a track called ‘8 Bars Of Terror.’ It’s all in the name: Ruff, Rugged And Raw. Double X Posse was a group from New Jersey that made a No. 1 Billboard Rap Single in 1992 with their first album Put Ya Boots On before this album.

By the time Ruff, Rugged And Raw came out in 1995, they were certified hardcore, underground hip-hop legends. Considered a buried treasure, if you find one, grab it!

Check out Discogs for a copy.

10. Chubb Rock – The Mind, boom bap & concious

A worthy addition to any collection from New York born Chubb Rock. Released in 1997, this falls under Boom Bap and conscious rap. In the album he pokes fun at East Coast and West Coast feuds.

Think old school beats and rolling lyrics in Chubb’s signature style.

It looks like Discogs has got a few copies available.

11. Big Daddy Kane – Daddy’s Home, a hip-hop vinyl with sex appeal

A hip-hop figure from the 80’s, Brooklyn-born Big Daddy Kane released Daddy’s Home in 1994. Although it wasn’t his most well-received album by the critics, it’s not lacking in hip-hop gold. We direct you to ‘In The PJ’s’ (as per the album cover) and the lustery, NYC vibed out track ‘Sex According To The Prince of Darkness.’

Big Daddy Kane’s sex drenched persona and smooth rhymes make him a definite addition to our top hip-hop vinyls from the golden age.

Available on CD via Amazon and on vinyl on Discogs.

12. Apache – Apache Ain’t Shit, hip-hop at it’s realest

Definite slept-on vibes here. Once a member of Flavor Unit of the late 80’s, Apache went solo in the 90’s and released Apache Ain’t Shit in’93. ‘Gangsta Shit’ off this album was an underground hit without radio or video airplay. Hip-hop at it’s realest.

It was Apache’s only studio album. Fun fact: Queen Latifah co-produced it.

Grab what’s left of this vinyl album (now out of print) on Amazon.

13. Queen Latifah – Black Reign, another album from one of hip-hop’s OG’s

Often considered as hip-hop’s first lady, Queen Latifah represented the female side of golden age hip-hop. She’s militant on this album, her third and most successful one at the time of its release in 1993. ‘U.N.I.T.Y.’ confronted disrespect of women in society and hip-hop culture. It’s right up in your face.

Totally understandable why this made Miki’s list: fast-changing syncopations, in-and-out Jamaican accents and melodic choruses. Big hip-hop vinyl catch right here.

We found it on CD format on Amazon and on Discogs in vinyl format.

14. Blahzay Blahzay – Blah, Blah, Blah, underground hip-hop classic

First of all… that intro track with the slow beat and the distant trumpet. Immediately hooked. Blahzay Blahzay is a duo consisting of rapper Outloud and DJ Pf Cuttin hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Blah, Blah, Blah was their first, self-produced album released in 1996.

It’s considered an underground hip-hop classic album. It’s got that “raw gutter East Coast 90’s sound” that screams golden age hip-hop. The chemistry between rapper and DJ is unreal on this one. Our favorites are ‘Pain I Feel’ and ‘Danger.’

While it was likely this first came out on cassette, you can still buy (rare) vinyl editions on Amazon.

15. Pete Rock & Deda – The Original Baby Pa, side effects include neck pain

Miki Rastaman certainly has a keen ear for hip-hop gems. The Original Baby Pa by Pete Rock & Deda is just more proof. Released in 1995, this is an example of Pete Rock’s lyrical prowess, cementing him as one of the most acclaimed East Coast rappers of the time.

Hard to pick favorites on this one, it’s an overall great hip-hop vinyl. Although if we had to, it would be ‘Baby Pa’ and ‘Understand?’ Plenty of headbangers on here, YouTube commenters keep referring to neck pain.

If you’re lucky, Amazon has vinyl copies available.

16. InI – Center Of Attention, The most bootlegged hip-hop album of all time

Due to a distribution deal that had gone sour, this 1995 album wasn’t released until 2003. In 2016, Center of Attention was made available for streaming.

Center Of Attention is an album from East Coast hip-hop group made of Rob-O, Grap Luva, Ras G a.k.a. I Love H.I.M., Marco Polo (now known as Jolomite), and DJ Boodakhan. After the album was shelved, the group’s members went their own ways. Rob-O eventually being appointed Fire Chief at the Mount Vernon, New York Fire Department.

These are tracks to help you make it through a sleepless night or a soundtrack to keep up the hustle.

Grab a copy of this killer album here.

17. Kurious – Constipated Monkey, one seriously slept on hip-hop vinyl

Plenty of slept-on albums on this list. Constipated Monkey by Kurious released in 1994 is one of them. Kurious Jorge was from an Uptown section of Manhattan known as Spanish Harlem. As put by an album reviewer: “he was a top Latin mc before, waaaay before, the Latin hype.”

Kicks off with that classic East Coast beat that defined this period. Crazy production, jazzy and funky twists along with entertaining lyrical content. A real gem of a hip-hop album.

Vinyl version found on Amazon for an exorbitant price – collector’s edition.

18. O. C. – Word…Life, a hauntingly real album

A 1994 album for underground hip-hop heads. It’s another one of the golden age releases that got lost in the shuffle. The title explains the subject of the album very well: straight up, real life. It’s the school of hard knocks, pain and anger.

Three key tracks on here: The short, but poignant intro track ‘Creative Control,’ the much loved ‘Time’s Up,’ and ‘Story’ where O.C. tells a chilling tale of getting caught up with Colombian crime lords to another eerie, haunting beat. Hip-hop is story telling after all.

Find this wax version on Amazon or if you don’t have any luck, check Discogs.

19. MC Lyte – Bad As I Wanna B, a hip-hop vinyl that cuts deep

The second lady on this list, MC Lyte is a conscious rap queen. Perhaps only Lauren Hill can match her mic skills. Lots of soul, badass flow and a production that has aged very well.

This was her fifth album released in 1996 – by then she had sharpened her rap knife and was cutting left and right. Words from Lyte on ‘Keep On, Keepin’ On (feat. Xscape)’ that sums up this album: “Fuck the fame, get the name, and kick the game.” The album is chalk full of strong opinions on the rap industry of the day.

Hit up Amazon for vinyl and CDs.

20. Nefertiti – L. I. F. E. – (Living in Fear Of Extinction), no nonsense golden age hip-hop

One of the golden age hip hop artists that was ahead of her time, Nefertiti performs lyrical wizardry on here. Released in 1994, there is little information on Nefertiti out there. What we do know is that this music is ‘No Nonsense,’ which also happens to be a popping track from this disc.

Vinyl copies available on Discogs.

21. Geto Boys – We Can’t Be Stopped, too hardcore for the radio

Geto Boys 1991 album We Can’t Be Stopped is gangsta rap to the core. The album cover features group member Bushwick Bill on a stretcher after being shot in the eye wearing a cap stating “5th Ward Posse”. The accident happened after tussling over a gun during an argument with his girlfriend. He lost his eye from the incident.

The album was too hardcore for radio play. However, it still managed to go platinum in early 1992 especially thanks to ‘Mind Playing Tricks on Me’ hitting Top Ten R&B and finding its place in hip-hop history. Miki states, “this is the group which every rapper should have the full discography.”

You hear him – grab the vinyl on Amazon.

22. Heavy D And The Boyz – Blue Funk, a 1992 trunk thumper

Blue Funk discusses issues about life and the cycle of violence in the hood without glorifying it. This vinyl has a nice mix of smooth jams and some raw, heated joints. This is a fine golden era classic from NYC.

According to Miki Rastaman:

Blue Funk is the best album what he ever did – no need to skip one track. The album was produced by few artists from which some of them are Jesse West, Pete Rock and DJ Premier. From the album the best bangers are ‘Talk is Cheap’ and ‘Here Comes The Heavster’.”

Fun fact: Blue Funk marks the official debut cameo appearance of Notorious B.I.G. (formerly as B.I.G. or Biggie Smalls). He was humbly hungry at that time before he put out his debut Ready To Die in 1994 a year later.

Buy the vinyl collectible version here.

23. Organized Konfusion – Stress: The Extinction Agenda, real golden age hip-hop vinyl material

Stress: The Extinction Agenda is a 1994 album from Queen duo Organized Konfusion. It features gritty and jazzy beats with ridiculous flow. Miki comments:

“A classic album produced by themselves and Buckwild (D.I.T.C.) filled with dark ambient samples in the instrumentals and energetic delivery with roaring and aggressive lyrics. Once you hear ‘Stress’, ‘Stray Bullet’ and ‘Bring It On’ then I am sure they will remain in your head forever.”

File this under conscious, underground and golden age hip-hop.

Grab the vinyl on Discogs or the CD on Amazon (vinyls are sold out).

24. Raekwon – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, a rap masterpiece

Inventive and critically acclaimed member of Wu-Tang Clan, Raekwon is not as well known for his solo work as other Wu-Tang members. Yet this is one of our favorite albums on Miki’s list – a prime example of hip-hop mastery. Production, lyrical content and guest appearances – all is on point on Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.

Released in 1995, YouTube commenters share their thoughts on this masterpiece:

“One of the dopest albums of all time”

“Some strong ass weed and this album had me in the zone in the Summer of 95”

“This album is pure art”

And lucky you – it’s available on vinyl on Amazon.

25. Funkdoobiest – Brotha’s Doobie, hip-hop heart and soul

Second album by LA hip-hop group Funkdoobiest. This starts off with a super laid-back intro followed by hip-hop lore. The fact that this stands out as a West coast album amongst a wave of East Coast records is very telling.

Once you put on ‘Rock On’ you understand. Not only why this album is on this list, but you simply understand. This is the heart and soul of hip-hop. Just add cannabis and beer and you’re right there. Then you arrive to ‘Lost in Thought’ only to realize there is always progress in rap.

And yes, it’s available on vinyl right here on Amazon – mine is already on the way.

26. Notorious B. I. G. – Ready To Die, hip-hop vinyl history

You don’t have to know hip-hop to understand that this is one hallmark of an album. Nevertheless, a hip-hop vinyl. Notorious B.I.G., otherwise known as Biggie Smalls was the first major star from the East Coast since the rise of Dr. Dre’s West Coast G-funk. He went from Brooklyn hustler to hip-hop star to rap martyr within a span of a few years.

A true storyteller by nature, Biggie spent time selling crack on the streets, nine months in jail and by 1994 he released his debut album Ready To Die. ‘Juicy’ and ‘Big Poppa’ still stand out today as classic hip-hop tracks. It’s a laid-back style, gangsta at heart and simply evergreen.

Many agree in hip-hop that when the Notorious B.I.G. passed away, he was only just about to get started.

Cop yourself a copy of hip-hop vinyl history here.

27. Naughty By Nature – Ninety Naughty III, the catchiest of the golden age hip hop albums

This is one badass album that is pure vinyl collector gold. Certified platinum, ‘Hip Hop Hooray’ is absolutely an anthem.

The music video of ‘Hip Hop Hurray’ was filmed by Spike Lee and features epic cameo appearances in rap such as Tupac Shakur, Run-DMC, Queen Latifah, Eazy-E, Monie Love and Kriss Kross.

This is available on vinyl via Amazon.

28. Das EFX – Hold It Down, strictly hardcore underground

Hold It Down is an example of an artist who went from fame back to the underground. This was Dray and Skoob’s third album, often overlooked after Straight Out Sewaside released 2 years earlier that hit number 20 on Billboard 200.

As said by one YouTube commenter: “This vinyl should have went into my collection long time ago. None the less it was carrying me through the past 25 years. Today I corrected my mistake.”

Correct your mistake, get your ass up and buy this vinyl.

29. Chino XL – Here To Save You All, underground street vibes

Another album with true underground, street vibes. You’re riding the NYC subway on this track and can almost smell the sewer.

It’s clear that this never received the love it deserves – Chino XL is an underrated hip-hop lyricist. Some complain about the production quality of the beats, but honestly this record sounds just right. Another fine example of golden age hip-hop.

This hip-hop vinyl album is considered rare.

Few collectible versions available on Amazon.

30. Jay-Z – Reasonable Doubt, for serious hip-hop heads

This is not an album for the average hip-hop listener. It is one of Jay-Z’s more overlooked works for the simple reason that it goes over most people’s heads. It represents underground rap at its finest explaining in detail the ethical dilemmas of being a street hustler.

Not dance, nor feel good music, it’s rather a collection of lyrical masterpieces offering a look into street life. And who better to team up for story telling than Biggie? ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’ features Notorious B.I.G. in a very fitting duo.

One thing is for sure, you “can’t knock the hustle” of Jay Z’s work on his 1996 Reasonable Doubt album.

Grab a vinyl when you can on Amazon.

31. A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauders, real jazz hip hop masterpiece

We’ve talked about A Tribe Called Quest in Miki’s other list he did for us on the Top 40 Old School hip-hop albums, and we were impressed.

The fact that a hip-hop group can create such masterpieces is mind-blowing. The talent involved is next level. The same applies to their Midnight Marauders 1993 album. It is considered one of the group’s best work and one of the most legendary hip-hop albums ever.

This is, as described by the editorial reviews on Amazon, “a seamless tutorial in jazz hip-hop style.”

Speaking of Amazon, find the vinyl at a very reasonable price here.

32. House of Pain – Same As It Ever Was, violent metaphors and braggadocio

An album that is right up in your face. This is hard-ass hip hop bar none.

Perhaps better known for Jump Around, hip-hop heads will know House of Pain’s Same As It Ever Was 1994 album for it’s violent metaphors and braggadocio style. It’s a great gangsta rap hip-hop vinyl from the brawling Irish boys.

Fun fact: During production, Everlast was on house arrest for carrying a concealed, unlicensed and stolen handgun. However, the group managed to work around this and get the album released anyways.

This vinyl is a little more rare – grab it here.

33. Gangstarr – Moment Of Truth, my favorite golden age hip-hop vinyl

This right here is my personal favorite from Miki’s list of golden age hip hop vinyl albums. Here Gangstarr is at his best, storytelling and sharing the essence of hip-hop spirit.

Why is this a great vinyl? Because you can listen to it the whole way through over and over again. It kicks off with the elevating gangsta track ‘You Know My Steez’. Six tracks through, Gangstarr hits you with the melancholic “JFK 2 LAX” that is supported with a solid golden age era beat.

‘Moment of Truth’ is the gem of the album (and a legendary track in hip-hop) and guess what – you’re not even halfway through.

There’s no question about it – this must be owned on vinyl.

34. Original Flava – Beyond Flava, rare, classic hip-hip

This 1993 album by Original Flava is banging classic hip-hop. Think straight up beats and in your face raps. Jay-Z and Damon Dash show up a few times on this record.

Original Flava were a duo founded by Ski and Suave Lover. They made two albums and then went separate ways after Beyond Flava. Ski went on to later work with Roc-A-Fella Records producing four tracks in Jay-Z’s first album Reasonable Doubt

This one looks rare – we found it on Discogs.

35. Masta Ace – Sittin’ On Chrome, West meets East coast in the friendliest way ever

The album tells the story of a West Coast homeboy that comes to visit his cousin in the East Coast over the summer. The result is a mix of New York styled raps with G-Funk inspired beats. It’s a fantastic record.

Our favorites are ‘The I.N.C. Ride’ and ‘What’s Going On’. Think chilled out, cruising vibes.

Cop this vinyl here on Amazon.

36. Show & AG – Good Fellas, underground hit maker

Released in 1995, Good Fellas is a vinyl for real hip-hop junkies.

Featuring guest appearances from Lord Finesse and Method Man, this album created an underground hit ‘Next Level (Nyte Time Mix)’, included in 2002 movie 8 Mile.

Fun fact: ‘All Out’ samples ‘Winicumuhround’ performed by Redman.

Find this hip-hop vinyl on Discogs.

37. Main Source – Breaking Atoms, great hip-hop from the golden age

Released in 1991, Breaking Atoms is known for influencing hip-hop producers from the 90’s onwards and is known for debuting Nas in ‘Live at the Barbeque’.

Main Source samples jazz and soul music throughout this album, considered one of the greatest in the history of hip-hop.

Incredible to see this available on Amazon.

38. Mobb Deep – Hell On Earth, the sound of the streets of 1996 New York

One of the darker albums by Mobb Deep, Hell On Earth is raw NYC hip-hop from 1996.

Mobb Deep were a duo from Queens, one half Prodigy and the other half Havoc. Formed in 1991, they are considered one of forefathers of East Coast hip-hop and one of the most successfully rap duos of all time.

The intro really sets the tone for the entire record with Ty Nitty and Gambino. Our favorite has to be ‘Hell on Earth (Front Lines)’, a gritty chronicle of life in the Queensbridge projects (QBC): “Whose necks are gonna be first? The projects is front line and the enemy is one-time.”

The album features guest appearances from Nas, Raekwon, Method Man, Big Noyd and others.

Get this rare vinyl here for your vinyl collecting friend.

39. Three Times Dope – Da Sequel, rare and obscure 12”

Not much about this 1994 album released for some reason in 1998. Even the YouTube audio we have linked is sketch – however it does give a good look at the streets of Philadelphia during that time.  The 12” is very rare.

If you want to go back in time, check out their more accessible Original Stylin’ released in 1988.

Find this album on Discogs.

40. Eric B. & Rakim – The 18th Letter/The Book of Life, classic early 90’s skills

Skills – straight up skills from Eric B. & Rakim. The first disc is just Rakim (his first solo debut album) and the second one Eric B. jumps on, both slaughtering the beat. The album name is referring the 18th letter of the alphabet “R.” Here’s what the Internet thinks:

“Notice how you can understand every word spoken… This is REAL HIP HOP.”

“When this song came out in 1997, every single hood in New York City was blasting that sh8t nonstop”

“I want a refrigerator made by Rakim, ’cause this is still fresh after 30+ years”

Fun fact: there is no cursing on the entire two albums.

Find this album here.

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Written by Luc Rouffaud

Luc Rouffaud is the founder of Underground Sound and has six years of experience in the music industry, particularly running a music publication and marketing events.

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