Eats Everything is Proof that You Can Rise in the Music Industry

Dj Eats Everything. Image courtesy of Dan Reid

Eats Everything is living proof you can make it as a DJ.

After nineteen years of dedicated work and effort, he became an overnight sensation in the UK house scene.

Get to know Eats Everything

Daniel Pearce, better known as Eats Everything, is a contemporary UK house DJ. He has a global reputation built on versatility, superlative skills backed up by a positive outlook. These fundamentals have made him one of the most in-demand artists around.

His roots are firmly embedded in the vibrant, influential music culture of his hometown, Bristol. Certainly a factor in his broad musical palette, he delivers funky remixes, high energy tracks, and an all-around infectious cheerfulness. It’s easy to tell why he is always genuinely enjoying himself, and rightfully so – he’s come a long way.

Devouring the house music scene

Dj Eats Everything. Image courtesy of Dan Reid.
Dj Eats Everything. Image courtesy of Dan Reid.

Getting his first decks at twelve, Pearce immediately knew electronic music was going to be his life. Taking an interest in hardcore, jungle, house, and speed garage, his wide range of interests propelled him into nineteen years of tirelessly working towards a full-time career in DJing.

Swinging from random part-time jobs that he hated, Pearce and his wife decided to push through for one final year, and if his career didn’t take off- that would be it. Then, in 2011 – just 31 days before the end of his “final year” – his house EP Entrance Song got picked up by Pets Recordings, and that was that.

Eats Everything ingests the industry

Eats Everything. Hot Air Balloon set

From here he was shuttled straight into legend status – while always paying homage to his Bristolian roots. His music went even deeper into the house genre- starting with The Tribute in 2018.

He ended up performing at his dream venue (Space Terrace in Ibiza). and went even further, performing at festivals like Glastonbury, Creamfields and Glitterbox. He’s had some pretty unconventional DJ booths in his time too. This includes completing a full 2 hour set in Dracula’s castle in Transylvania in 2020, and even as recently as in a hot air balloon ride over Bath (UK) at the end of last year.

Words of wisdom

Pearce has been pushing the idea that anyone can make it in the industry, and that no one should give up on their dreams if they think they have something unique. According to him, all you need to do is persevere, and it also helps to have good connections. So, get grafting, start networking, and remain focused on your passion.

Eats Everything shot to Bristol’s top DJ almost immediately after spending years struggling, Calvin Harris rose as one of the biggest global DJ’s while stacking M&S shelves, and Skrillex became a household name after working through a rough past, it all only goes to show: the industry is for everyone- you included.

You need more Eats Everything

Want to keep up with the realest guy out there? Eats Everything’s website tracks his upcoming tours and Reebeefs (his take on remixes), Spotify is always kept up to date, and Instagram is full of his typical banter and last minute announcements.

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Written by Alice Milne

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