Listen to New Release From Gentleman’s Dub Club, Castle in the Sky

gentleman's dub club

Gentleman’s Dub Club is back with a fresh reggae tune called “Castle in the Sky”. For those that know Underground Sound, we are big fans of the live dub & reggae group originating from Leeds, Yorkshire. Love reggae & dub? Read on.

Gentleman’s Dub Club in Malta/Boomtown

We covered their last appearance at Earth Garden Festival in Malta but somehow managed to miss them at last year’s Boomtown Fair. In all fairness, that Boomtown is massive and losing track of your mates, time and marbles is not uncommon. Yet we digress.

Castle in the Sky

In any case, today is New Release Friday on Spotify. Lo and behold, the GDC have released the first single off their upcoming album, “Down to Earth”. Following their last album “Lost in Space”, we are happy that these guys are back with a continuation of their work.

Their single is a welcome sigh of relief for the unrelenting onslaught that has been 2020. In contrast with world events, “Castle in the Sky” is a well-grounded, dreamy reggae track. A fine addition to your Spotify reggae playlist.

Listen to Castle in the Sky here, on Spotify.

We recommend keeping an eye out for the upcoming album. It’s impressive how a band with so many members keeps it together during a global pandemic. They produce commendable work and we cannot help but share the vibes that these guys give off.

More Gentleman’s material

If you are looking for more GDC material, “Pound for Pound (Dub Versions)” has been on heavy rotation at the office. “Out of This World” is also top notch. We can only give our highest recommendation to these gentlemen.

Gentleman’s Dub Club Socials

Images courtesy of Gentleman’s Dub Club

Written by Luc Rouffaud

Luc Rouffaud is the founder of Underground Sound and has six years of experience in the music industry, particularly running a music publication and marketing events.

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