Here’s Why Brutalismus 3000 Are the Legends of Gen-Z Techno Punk

Brutalismus 3000 at table looking at each other. Photo by Joseph Kadow.
Brutalismus 3000. Image courtesy of Joseph Kadow

Each generation fuels a new rebellious movement, and Brutalismus 3000 are no exception. 

The duo fuses progressive intersectional politics and punk music into their sound, and that’s exactly why they best represent Gen-Z.

Who are Brutalismus 3000?

In the sweetest Gen-Z style possible, the rave-loving duo, Victoria Vassiliki Daldas and Theo Zeitner, met on Tinder. They immediately bonded over their shared music taste, DAF in particular. And with that – B3000 was born. 

With Theo on decks, and Victoria on vocals, the two have been dating and releasing bangers after bangers ever since. After dropping their first single Horíme in 2020, they quickly rose to techno stardom.

To get a real feel of their edgy style, why not listen to their Boiler Room set (link above) from 2021 while we explain exactly how cool they are.

Time for you to meet punk techno

Brutalismus 3000 photoshoot. Photography credits Joseph Kadow.
Brutalismus 3000 photoshoot. Photography credits Joseph Kadow.

Headphones on, and get a load of their 2023 album ULTRAKUNST where their sound hammers down with heavy beats, Victoria’s raspy vocals, and punk references galore.

If you remember “Alice Practice” by Crystal Castles, then you’ve already got an idea of Victoria’s style, whereas Theo will get his hands on anything the deck can provide him. Their sets are kitted out with live vocals and bouncy energy from Daldas, while Zeitner is hyper-focused on busting out hardcore beats.

These two sum up Gen-Z

Victoria Vassiliki Daldas and Theo Zeitner of Brutalismus 3000
Victoria Vassiliki Daldas and Theo Zeitner of Brutalismus 3000

There’s two things that define emerging generations: breaking stereotypes, and progressive politics. Brutalismus 3000 are bringing this to the table for Gen-Z. Being young artists with a completely fresh new take on techno, these two are immediately attractive to younger ravers.

In typical Gen-Z fashion, Victoria and Theo both firmly agree to prioritizing a maintenance for their work-life balance. Rarely overloading themselves with festivals or sets, the two much prefer to spend time with each other. We’ve then also got Theo announcing that he chugs beers prior to getting in the studio – so very Gen-Z.

Theo has also said before that he doesn’t care for modern techno. He much prefers to play whatever genre he feels fits the mood, which leads us to our next point…

“Techno is unstylish”

Victoria Vassiliki Daldas and Theo Zeitner
Victoria Vassiliki Daldas and Theo Zeitner

Brutalismus 3000 have announced that quote with pride – the music can be boring, the clothes can be boring, and the whole idea of expensive clubs is some whacky capitalist notion. I get it, clubs can be full of the same black outfits, monotonous “doof-doof”s, and my poor empty wallet can’t take anymore big weekends.

Victoria has defended not wanting to fit a genre – and she’s doing very well at it. From nu-gabber to post-punk, from clean and smooth tracks to whatever is going on with the crying baby noises in Pontiac Parisienne, Brutalismus 3000 refuses to fit in any box.

You may also recognize their signature “weird” from Satan Was A Babyboomer, which starts off with Victoria wailing for a solid 20 seconds.

Brutalismus 3000 for President 2024

Victoria Vassiliki Daldas
Victoria Vassiliki Daldas

Okay, maybe they’re not running in any elections, but they have our vote.

Being proudly feminist and anti-capitalist, B3000 don’t shy away from injecting their political ideologies into any genre they can get their hands on. In a Playful interview, Victoria has said “When we create music, like when we got into gabber music, we were excited about the fact that we don’t really hear gabber music with punk, good female vocals and feminist lyrics.”

Victoria quickly solved that problem with Good Girla nu-gabber track with vocals screaming out punk feminist rage full of irony on how women “should” behave.

Are Brutalismus 3000 coming to your area?

As they’re focusing on each other this year, there’s only 5 upcoming events announced so far. One of which is already sold out. 

However, if you’re in Paris on the 28th of June, you may be able to catch them at Solidays. They’re also making an appearance at Glitch Festival in Malta (you can bet we’ll be center left, we’ll save you a spot) and having an impressive two sets in one weekend at Field Day in London and Emerge in Belfast.

If you don’t manage to secure your spot, you can always follow them on Spotify and Instagram to catch a show.

Brutalismus Tour Dates

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Written by Alice Milne

Alice or Daisy as they like to be known, is a Journalist studying at Malta University. They are a film nerd when at home, and raver at heart.

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