Here’s Why Sound Waves Festival is the Night Out of 2024

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Are your summer plans stuck in the group chat? Sick of the tedious planning? Relax, we’ve got the perfect summer trip planned just for you. Here’s how you’ll be spending a quick break away in Portugal at Sound Waves Festival.

Sound Waves Festival is the night of the year

Sound Waves 2023 Aftermovie

Get your bucket hats, fanny packs and sunglasses ready – you’re off to Portugal. Sound Waves Festival is a one-night-only star-studded rave taking place on Saturday 6th of July in Esmoriz – and you don’t want to miss out.

Escape the office on the Friday, fly down to spend some time in Portugal’s relaxed bar scene, and prepare for the weekend ahead of you. Portugal’s known to be super cheap, so enjoy those pre-gaming pints.

Ridiculously massive line-up

Sound Waves 2024 Lineup
Sound Waves 2024 Lineup

Known for gathering all the biggest names of hard techno in one place, your DJ bucket list is about to take some hits at Sound Waves Festival. Running from 5PM all the way to 1:30PM the next day, you’ll have ample time to catch all your favorite artists.

There’s I Hate Models with their iconic remixes, Sara Landry with her witchy spins, and Azyr with his endless beats. But, how about taking a look at Miss Sheila’s ‘Event Horizon’, the perfect backing-track for your sunny beach-side rave. Or, take on the “techno connoisseur” known as Franck with ‘Whistle Tool’

Let’s end with our pick: 6EJOU. He does not hold back at all, with his hair-raising, mind-melting, borderline-orgasmic relentless bangers. Known for a remix of Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘Can You Feel My Heart’, he’ll be sure to send the audience into an absolute tantrum. You’ll have your eyes rolling in to the back of your head, especially his explosive work on ‘O FORTUNA’.

Them visuals though…

The cherry on this star-studded cake is their work with Nima Visual Studio. Known for their impressive visual designs, the stage is about to level up this summer. Personally, we can’t wait to see the designs they have planned for Sara Landry’s occultist sets…

Time to start packing for Sound Waves Festival

Tickets can be found starting from the low price of €57 here. However as they’re being rolled out in phases – you’ll need to get on them ASAP before they get any higher. Any updates on ticketing, artists and sets can be found on their Instagram, so if you’re unfortunate enough to not take our advice by ending up here, you can have the ultimate FOMO watching their stories.

Not to worry, you’ll be able to catch round 2 of Sound Waves at their winter edition on the 7th of December. Tickets are already live, and you just know you’ll be fed up winter blues around then, so get booking.

Written by Alice Milne

Alice or Daisy as they like to be known, is a Journalist studying at Malta University. They are a film nerd when at home, and raver at heart.

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